However, I was really surprised to see such a huge turtle in reality.

However, I was really surprised to see such a huge turtle in reality.
Its head was black and as long as a snake. Its sharp head was facing me. It must have discovered my existence!
/Then the most incredible scene happened. The turtle’s body was lifted up little by little. This huge grindstone-like guy could actually use incredible power to lift its body and the shell on its back at an angle. This was completely It overturned my previous understanding of this amphibian.
Moreover, the most terrible thing is that I feel that it seems to have the intention to attack me!
“Fat man, hurry up! There’s a tortoise down there trying to bite me!”
/I yelled at the top of my lungs, my head still pointing down. If I were bitten by its sharp teeth, it would be extremely painful even if I didn’t die.
“What bastard? I’m trying my best!”
The fat man gritted his teeth and answered with difficulty.
My body was still rising slowly, but the speed was still too slow. The big turtle aimed its head at me, and suddenly its head rushed out. I saw its big mouth bite my nose, and I quickly turned my head. The big turtle’s head rubbed across my face, and I could smell the fishy smell emanating from this big guy’s mouth.
“Fat man, pull me up quickly!”
I yelled desperately, and the big turtle below retracted its head, as if taking aim. At this time, my body had been pulled to half the height of the well, and I was nearly two meters away from the big turtle below. It seems that such a long distance should not be attacked.
However, what happened next moment slapped me hard! Not long after the big turtle’s head retracted, it popped out like a cannonball. I was shocked, but my body was stuck in it. The big turtle’s mouth opened like a big black hole. In desperation, I could only turn my head again, but this time it bit the collar of my clothes, barely able to bite my flesh!
“Damn, why have you suddenly become heavier!”
The fat man shouted from above. The big turtle was hanging upside down in the air, and its body had been completely lifted up. The fat man is almost exhausted. If I don’t do something at this time, even the fat man will probably fall. At the critical moment, I let go of one of my hands that was holding on to the wall of the well, pulled out the dagger from my waist, and shouted frantically: “Fat man, hold on for five more seconds, just five seconds!”
The fat man had already I didn’t have the strength to speak, but at this moment I raised my dagger and stabbed it into the turtle’s neck. Black and red sticky blood immediately spurted out. I felt uneasy after stabbing it, so I pulled out the dagger and pointed it at the turtle. The turtle’s neck was stabbed several times, and blood spurted all over my face, a lot of which left a fishy smell in my mouth.
My neck was pierced, and the big turtle’s mouth gradually loosened, and finally it fell back to the bottom of the well. I hung in the air and let out a long sigh of relief. The fat man pulled me out of the well mouth with sucking strength, and both of us lay down. O