ertain person or group.” Pasha reminded hurriedly.

“Well, once travel through the sewers is restricted, we will go to the church to look for the Patriarch or wait for Him.” Klein said in a relaxed tone, as if he was deciding a small matter.
Roy, Phil and others were a little stunned. They didn’t expect to be able to lock the target so easily.
After just a few words of discussion, the whereabouts of an angel were revealed!
“However, there are several churches in Beldan. We need to split our operations to save time. Also, the patriarch may rely on the level and power of angels to forcefully resist punishment.” After Klein said this, he lowered his head and looked at the church in his palm. “Magic Mirror” said, “Arrods, monitor the whole city and pay attention to abnormal situations.”
After commanding the magic mirror, Klein once again dragged Ms. Arianna out of the fog of history and asked her to take charge of the churches of the Church of the Night.
After doing these things, he half-turned around and said to Roy, Pasha and others:
“If you fail to find the Patriarch in this way, it means that he has either left Beldan and just left ‘0-02’ to block the enemy, or he has controlled ‘0-02’ to some extent. In short, We can only do elimination for the time being.”
Roy and others nodded at the same time and continued to follow Klein in the sewer.
After several minutes, the ancient silver mirror shone with water, reflecting a picture:
On the notice board, there is another piece of white paper with new rules written on it:
“…Due to municipal maintenance needs, from now on, no living beings are allowed to enter the sewers.”
/“The speed of adding new content has become faster…” Klein frowned slightly, whispered, and took out a human leather glove from the air.
Then, he motioned to Pasha and others to hold hands.
Then, he grabbed one of them by the shoulder, took them out of the sewer, and “teleported” them to the nearest Church of the Storm.
During this process, the four extraordinary people first saw the rats and cockroaches in the sewer twitching and dying one after another, and then they were attracted to the strange and abstract spiritual world, as if they had received some kind of baptism on the spiritual level.
Although there were not many prayers in the Storm Church at night, in order to avoid conflicts, Klein chose the cloister leading to the garden as the place to appear.
“It’s so magical…” Pasha murmured to herself as she looked at the fixed scene around her.
Roy forcibly restrained his inner feelings, glanced left and right and said:
“If the Patriarch came to the church to avoid the curfew, he would be in a similar place.”
“If you weren’t worried about accumulating charges, there are too many ways for an angel to hide from ordinary people.” Klein said casually, “I will send you to another church later. You should try to stay in a place with glass windows and mirrors. , as soon as he found an outsider suspected of being a Fusac, he looked for an opportunity to draw a symbol…”
Before he fini