bbed his hands and asked uneasily, “Mr. Zhao, can I take a photo with you?”

bbed his hands and asked uneasily, “Mr. Zhao, can I take a photo with you?”
“Of course I can .” .”
Zhao Song pulled him towards the crazy reporters.
“Crack, click, click~”
Amidst the sound of the shutter, Zhao Song patted Chen Hao’s back:
“Stand up straight, I don’t have the habit of taking photos with people who bend down.”
Chen Hao, who stood up straight, got The results far exceeded his expectations. The dense lighting made his eyes redder and redder, but Chen Hao didn’t care. He only saw a bright road that seemed to appear in front of him.
“Mr. Zhao, let’s talk about graphene.”
“Mr. Zhao, there is news that several large-scale investments are about to land in the west. Can we talk?”
“Mr. Zhao, I heard that the ‘Loongson’ project has made breakthrough progress.”
Finally got the opportunity. Reporter We can’t wait to throw out all the problems at once.
Zhao Song pressed his hands down, signaling everyone to be calm, and answered with a smile:
/“My contribution to the graphene paper is to provide an innovative idea. I hope this idea can have some enlightenment for the domestic scientific research community, that is My greatest contribution.”
“As for investment, ‘Loongson’ and other matters, I can’t answer you for the time being. Please refer to the official announcement.”
“Mr. Zhao, please”
I’m here for negotiation, not for an interview.
After satisfying the exposure required by the Longcheng City Government, Zhao Song said goodbye to the big man Chen Hao and left the reporter circle.
“Hello, Mr. Zhao, please come in.”
“Hello, Director Bi,” Zhao Song said with a smile, “Since the guests come first, we’d better wait for a while and welcome the city leaders.”
Director Bi nodded with a smile and looked at Looking at the young face in front of me, I sighed in my heart: “As expected of the richest man, he does everything impeccably~”
If there were no surprises on this day, the scene should be fixed at the moment when Zhao Song shook hands with the city leaders.
It not only shows the attitude of the richest man to develop his career, but also expresses the determination and actions of the Longcheng government to develop the economy.
Unfortunately, that’s only if.
While gongs and drums were playing, colorful flags were flying, and cheers were cheering, the arrival of a black business car broke the harmonious scene.
“Who is Dai Fang?”
The time went back five minutes. Opposite the Longcheng Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, there was a dense crowd of people watching the excitement.
Liu Yupeng and his party were also among the crowd.
Whether the upcoming negotiations on the other side are successful or not is related to the interests of each of them, so it is not surprising that they appear here.
At this time, they looked at the opposite side with excitement and expectation, and with envy and jealousy, waiting for Zhao Song who was chatting and laughing with the leaders of Longcheng City Government.
Except Liu Yupeng.
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