and then moved up and down dishonestly. After feeling the thrilling curve, he said angrily, “Punching things on the nose and face is a

and then moved up and down dishonestly. After feeling the thrilling curve, he said angrily, “Punching things on the nose and face is a
capitalist behavior like hers, which is harmful to society. The shirking of responsibility; a manifestation of a lack of civic spirit; a refusal to turn dissatisfaction into positive actions that are beneficial to society!
If all capitalists do this, it will only create a dead end for society: stimulating more dissatisfaction and greater hatred of the rich! ”
Bai Li:
She slapped away the troublesome hands on her buttocks and asked, dumbfounded, “Is this what you mean? ”
/“yes. “Zhao Song nodded decisively.
“That’s a fart! ”
At this time, Hao Ying stepped forward and said with disgust, “Zhao Song, I just asked Liu Ying. Today’s charity dinner is our last collective attendance, and then I will go to Europe to promote the new album. ”
“Oh~” Zhao Song stood up and let Bai Li and Liu Ying help her get dressed, while saying, “I won’t send you off when I’m done.”
In this ancient building, the interior is unique and the fashionable environment was designed by her stroke by stroke.
“Don’t dare bother the richest man~”
After the joke, Hao Ying hesitated for a moment and said softly: “Zhao Song, when my entire trip in the first half of 2004 is over, I may return to China and retire.”
“It’s time to retire.” Zhao Song wiped the white oil , nodded and said, “It’s not easy for the old man to tolerate you being in public for so long.”
Hao Ying asked gratefully and worriedly: “What will you do here then?”
“You won’t switch to Tesla if it’s gone? “Zhao Song laughed and said, “Not to mention Bai Li, there is a Kardashian family working hard in Los Angeles!”
“Did you say Tesla’s next generation Internet celebrity? “I’m relieved.
” There is no success for no reason in the world, and there is not only one Kobe who can be seen in Los Angeles at 4 o’clock in the morning. The Kardashian family is also sweating at this time.
Pasley Hilton’s video tape has been secretly hidden by Zhao Song.
The protagonist of the QS video who appeared in front of the world for the first time will only be named Kardashian!
Two years later, 1 billion Internet celebrities with an average size of 10,000 pounds per capita will finally appear in front of the world and fight for Tesla!
It only took less than a quarter of an hour to get from the Manhattan mansion to the banquet venue with the iron cavalry clearing the way.
Zhao Song got out of the car under the protection of a luxurious security team.
/No one cares about the brand of car he rides in or the number of his team. Even if he comes on a bicycle, he will still be greeted by reporters and countless enthusiastic fans.
In this country of collective wisdom, heroes of wealth and entertainment stars are equally sought after.
“Zhao, can you talk about Yituo Technology? I heard that 80% of the orders for ten data centers were given to this company?”
“Zhao, the president of Nasdaq wants to talk to you. What? Whi