In the luxurious high-ceiling living room, Wen Jing put down the phone, not caring about someone’s glare, picked up the little baby who was struggling to crawl, held it in her arms and rubbed it lovingly.
This is Lao Ba with an angry face.
This is the culture of Fengqingyundan.
Wen Jing glanced sideways at the two of them and said in a nonchalant manner: “What are you two doing so weirdly?”
Lao Ba glared at her: “Come back as soon as you come back and stay with uncle and jin. Why are you doing this?
/“Making money ? ”
“You can’t make money in America?”
“I’ll sell my PayPal shares.
Tell me where the money is. ” If I don’t earn it for you, what are you doing to trouble Zhao Song?”
Wen Jing didn’t say anything. She turned her face to Lao Ba and rolled her eyes fiercely at his angry look.
“Okay, Lao Ba.”
Wen Wenhua smiled, asking Lao Ba to calm down, and asked her daughter in a friendly voice:
“Do you know who is the leader?”
Wen Jing thought for a long time before shaking her head and saying: ”
I don’t know. I only know
that the person in charge is not very important, but some of the people he contacted have great backgrounds. Funds are going to Longcheng.
You need to know that if Zhao Song is not involved in this project, it will be dominated by state funds; if Zhao Song is involved, even private funds and normal business transactions can benefit from gray to white. ”
So even if there is no Wen Jing, there will still be Li Jing and Zhang Jing.”
Lao Ba was speechless and his face turned red.
“What’s more, I don’t even know if Gang Ben is that person’s target. If I knew, do you think I wouldn’t tell Zhao Song?”
/“What can’t Nizi do?” Lao Ba said angrily.
The used diaper was stuck on his face. Lao Ba was about to fight back, but found that Wen Jing picked up her little nephew and blocked it in front of his head.
Wen Wenhua and his young wife looked at each other, and then continued to laugh at the two brothers and sisters playing, and the happiness in his eyes that was about to overflow could not be hidden.
When the two of them no longer had diapers, he said gently:
“Jingjing, do you need us to do anything?”
After handing his brother to the young stepmother, Wenjing asked tangledly:
“How many three-way and one-way do you two have ?” ” Da shares?”
“You!” Lao Ba stood up with a roar.
“Lao Ba.” Wen Wenhua signaled his nephew to calm down, and answered to his daughter: “I am a shareholder, Lao Ba is the manager of the North China region, and together we have a total of 5.3 points.”
“Does the headquarters management have shares?”
“No.” Wen Wen shook his head, “Three links and one extension are business consulting management. Over the years, we have been exploring our own business model under the guidance of Wanwan and the international logistics professional team. We will pay you how much you do.”
“That is, “You can’t say
that,” Wen Wen shook his head, “At least they have a lot of say in the construction of local distributio