, you can learn.” The second uncle said with irony, “You can become a department manager of a technology company. , Why can’t I be the wife of the richest man?”

, you can learn.” The second uncle said with irony, “You can become a department manager of a technology company. , Why can’t I be the wife of the richest man?”
Tang Yuan said listlessly, “If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. If it doesn’t matter, I’ll go back to the company.”
“If there’s something wrong ,
it’s not okay for my second uncle to do it . He didn’t mind scolding him. He took out the file bag and handed it to her in confusion, and introduced:
“Yi Tuo has started to make options for key employees. This is your equity reward. Keep it.”
Tang Yuan slowly turned red and choked up. : “He wants you to give it to me?”
The second uncle nodded and shook his head: “You deserve this.”
Although it was a bit much ,
“I don’t want it!
” “The names have been registered, and it’s yours if you don’t want it!”
After that, The second uncle got up.
He sighed and couldn’t bear to say: “Girl, your second uncle was also responsible for your journey today.
From now
on, your second uncle will support you no matter what, as long as you live a good life. ”
Of course I will live a good life.
From the day I escaped from the Department of Correction, I have been living a good life every day!
Tang Yuan lowered his head and began to eat and drink in front of the beautiful things on the table.
In the capital city, Xiaohe Village, there is a club.
The tree in front of the door is still there, but its leaves have fallen off.
Under the tree, there is a mini grave, and Garfield is buried here.
After get off work, Zhao Song sat on the horse, adding a handful of new soil to the small grave bag, and then tickled Benben lying next to his legs. This dog had been sad for a long time and was still a little depressed.
Xiaoyu squatted aside, dazed.
It’s been more than a week since her brother came back, and she has already returned to normal.
As for her brother and the woman Bai Li receiving their certificates, she didn’t feel much.
Ever since the two of them started living together, she knew that her brother’s feelings were very rich and colorful. Although there were many failures, he could still continue seamlessly miraculously, which was extremely wonderful. Xiao Yu had already adapted to it.
The only thing he couldn’t adapt to was his brother’s busy work. Fortunately, the woman Bai Li took a lot of responsibility for this.
No, my brother came home from get off work before it got dark.
Xiaoyu covered her head and stared at her brother angrily.
“You are in technical secondary school, what are you thinking in your little head? Aren’t you afraid that your brother will be laughed at by others?”
Upon hearing this, Xiaoyu became honest and murmured: “Who dares to laugh at you?”
“This is a joke on me. Is this something wrong with your thinking?”
Seeing Benben standing in front of Xiaoyu, Zhao Song gave up and angrily condemned: “This is irresponsible for your life! Police, yes, there are so many police colleges in the flower garden, but you want to go to a technical secondary