Bone Demon Lord and suppressing him to the ground. He could only rely on his powerful body to resist the attack.

Bone Demon Lord and suppressing him to the ground. He could only rely on his powerful body to resist the attack.
Half a minute later, angry roars and screams like thunder sounded in this chaotic elemental storm and fire storm.
Pieces of white bone fragments three to four meters in size were blown out, but when they flew dozens of meters away, they were torn into pieces by the elemental storm, and the remaining fragments were burned to ashes by the flames.
The demon lord of white bones had been beaten. Stunned, he burst out with power, comparable to the strength that a heaven-level strongman could unleash when he mastered two extraordinary magic weapons.
/He is only at the top of the first level of Heaven Level, and has not yet reached the next level. If he has not broken through this level, the gap in strength will be huge, and he cannot stand on the same level at all.
Even as a member of the silver demon race, whose strength is generally far superior to that of human mages of the same level, he has completely lost the chance to fight back at this moment.
The combined storms released by the two extraordinary magic weapons, elemental storm and fire storm, were unable to break free from the suppression.
Lin Yun held up the dragon staff and chanted long spells. When he chanted the quick spells, the magic power flowed away like a flood breaking a bank.
Hundreds of regular runes were combined in front of Lin Yun, slowly forming the outline of a four-series explosive bomb. Then the regular runes continued to combine, completely forming the appearance of a four-series explosive bomb.
It just looks like a four-series explosive bomb composed purely of regular runes.
The surrounding four-series elements gathered crazily, but the elemental power here could no longer support the devouring of this outline. In the void, the powerful power was borrowed and poured into the four-series explosive bomb composed of regular runes.
In an instant, an aura far beyond an eighth-level spell appeared. Apart from the lack of extraordinary power, it was definitely comparable to a ninth-level extraordinary spell!
The radiant fourth-series bombs fell to the ground, and the violent elemental storms and fire storms around them all took the initiative to give way to a three-meter-wide passage, as if they had encountered their nemesis.
Desperate and frightened roars came from the ground, and the black clouds composed of large black smoke in the sky poured in crazily, but it had no effect.
A circle of dark space of destruction spread and expanded from the ground, rapidly spreading to hundreds of meters, and then the space collapsed towards the center in an instant.
All sounds seemed to disappear, and there was no sound at all. Until the dark space collapsed to the center, and then the shock wave of destruction exploded, and a thunder exploded in everyone’s ears.
Boom, boom
, a dark mushroom cloud rose into the sky, rushing hundreds of meters into the sky, and the earth began to tremble violently.
The shock wave