onth I will give your major account department a commission of more than 100,000 yuan.”

onth I will give your major account department a commission of more than 100,000 yuan.”
Liu Cong, with dark circles under his eyes, grinned and said nothing.
Zhao Song sighed and patted him on the shoulder, “Pay attention to your health and drink less! Don’t be too accommodating to those customers who mean to make things difficult. We at Tesla must also have our own temper!”
“Don’t worry, boss, I know!
“Not only do you know, but you also have to do it!” ”
I know, boss!”
Liu Cong ran away when he realized that Zhao Song had a tendency to get angry and beat people up.
Looking at his back, Zhao Song felt dumbfounded. I am the big boss, why would I hit someone? !
Putting down his raised right hand, Zhao Song strolled all the way to the west gate of Zhonghai.
“Boss Zhao, you are so generous! I opened 6 poisonous dragon orders this day!” Shopkeepers along the way said hello with a smile.
“Congratulations, congratulations!” Zhao Song said cheerfully, “How are the sales at other counters?”
“They are all sold out. There are no less than three orders. Today is still Tuesday. You can wait until the weekend to see.”
Sold A Poison Dragon, 90% of the time, will be equipped with a core-frozen radiator. He should be happy, but Zhao Song frowned and picked up his mobile phone from his trouser pocket to make a call.
“Pingping, how are the sales of brand-name machines over the Pacific today?”
“The drop is too obvious! Many customers came over in a hurry, without even looking at the brand-name machines, and went straight to the second floor to buy compatible machines.
Zhao Song, our Frozen is also affected,” Pingping said worriedly on the phone.
“Pingping, Frozen is a mid-to-high-end phone. The impact on us is only temporary. The brand phone is the trouble.”

Unknowingly, we have arrived at Lao Wang’s canteen next door. Now, Lao Wang is still Hai is busy renovating the Tesla flagship store, and the person looking after the store is still the girl at the counter who always likes to secretly drink Wangzi milk.
Zhao Song did not go over, but looked at Boss Niu’s mobile phone counter opposite Lao Wang’s counter. There was a promotional slogan on it.
“Bowguide mobile phone – the fighter in mobile phones, cheering for the Olympic athletes!”
The Olympics are coming, and a new round of marketing war is about to begin. This is a war that Tesla has no preparation for. I hope it will not be affected, Zhao Song prayed in his heart.
Zhao Song stepped forward and said, “Uncle Niu, give me a Motorola 998.”
/Boss Niu seemed to have no reaction and kept staring at the screen.
“Uncle Niu? What good movie are you watching? I also enjoy it.” Zhao Song joked.
Boss Niu raised his head, looked at Zhao Song with a complicated expression, and then turned the monitor to face him.
Zhao Song took a closer look and saw a large blue highlighted font on the front page of Pacific Computer Network.
“Be wary of fake foreign brands with sheepskin!
In the minds of many consumers, foreign brands are a symbol of quali