Ming stared at him and said gloomily: ” Then I will find a way to get around it!”

Ming stared at him and said gloomily: ” Then I will find a way to get around it!”
Fu Jianxing smiled nonchalantly: “There is a company in the United States that is building a patent wall, and it is quite famous!”
“Qualcomm!” Huangfu Ming replied expressionlessly. road.
/Fu Jianxing nodded, took out a document bag and handed it to him, “Ultra-thin U disk patent, key patent, USB wireless network card related patents, OLA visual flash disk patent, etc.”
I’m happy for you, uncle!
Huangfu Ming said dejectedly: “When will the contract be signed?”
“The sooner the better!” Fu Jianxing said solemnly: “You know, the price of signing the agreement before the government investigates and deals with USB flash drives without patent authorization is completely different from the price after that!”
Afternoon , Tesla traded PC133 memory prices increased, returning to more than 300 across the board.
Taking Elpida’s AIC and placing it on the sales terminals of Tesla or Shenzhou is equivalent to saving two hands, and a memory can generate 30% more profit.
As long as memory can return to normal prices, Tesla can maintain normal profits, while Shenzhou Technology can make a lot of money.
What is the normal price of PC133? 400 to 1,000, this is the price range in the international market.
The struggle between Tesla and Pengcheng can be said to have benefited the majority of flower growers. Indirectly promoted the popularization of computers among gardeners.
Now that rmbus is on the market, Shenzhou has taken over the Pengcheng series of low-priced memory. It is unrealistic to increase too much. I will be satisfied if it goes back to 400 Zhaosong.
However, the Pengcheng series and Shenzhou are not the only ones on the market. Kingston, ADATA, SanDisk, etc… the top five brands have nailed the price on the 380 at this time.
“What on earth do you want to do?”
December 1, Wutong Building.
Wen Zhenwen vented his anger on Zhao Xin who came to settle the payment.
“Bang!” She threw a pile of letters of intent in front of Zhao Xin. “Look, they are all letters of intent for acquisitions from some large international and domestic companies. The boss doesn’t even bother to reply. Compared with them, you five are nothing.”
” Compared with them, the Big Five hold Tesla’s lifeline!” Zhao Xin said with a wry smile, “Sister, as long as you are willing to talk and establish a negotiation channel, everything will be easy to discuss?”
Looking at Wen Zhenwen’s raised eyebrows again ? , Zhao Xin raised his hand and said quickly: “I’m the one with the message!”
Wen Zhenwen glared at him and asked helplessly: “Let’s not talk about Jiaming and Xingsheng. Yicheng is not only hard disk and optical storage, he is also a fantasy The general manager, right?”
He nodded.
“What about the others? Great Wall, Tongfang, Shida, and even TCL can be involved! If we want to talk, who is Tesla talking to, and what is there to talk about?”
/“Talk to Jiaming?” Zhao Xin licked He said with a smile.
“Bah!” Wen Zhenwen spit on his face, “T