Help! Help!”

Help! Help!”
/Another scream came over, and Huang Guanhua was seen running wildly not far away, with a strong wild wolf behind him chasing him.
After seeing the three Sun Qi people here, Huang Guanhua immediately rushed towards the three of them, trying to divert the attention of the wild wolf behind him to the three people here.
“Holy shit! Get away!” Liu Yuxuan quickly dodged to the side. Sun Qi also went around behind a big tree with great experience. Huang Guanhua took the opportunity to hide behind the injured Li Zilu. The wild wolf At that moment, he jumped over and threw Li Zilu, who had just been bitten by a zombie, down.
“Nima! What the hell are you doing?” Li Zilu yelled, holding the wolf’s neck with both hands to prevent it from biting off, but the wolf’s claws scratched his body with several bloody holes.
Hu Meng and Chen Yao chased them out of the jungle. They hit the wild wolf with rocks, sticks and other things in their hands. Sun Qi, Liu Yuxuan and Huang Guanhua also came to help, and the wild wolf gave up on Li Zilu on the ground. , and turned to attack everyone.
After a thrilling battle, everyone finally beat the wild wolf to death on the ground. During this period, several people were scratched by the wolf’s claws. Such a large wild wolf was not easy to deal with.
After the battle, the two groups had a dispute over who should own the wild wolf, and both sides refused to give in.
“We have been chasing this wild wolf for a long time, and we seriously injured it. Of course it belongs to us!” Hu Meng and Chen Yao argued.
“If Li Zilu hadn’t been knocked down by it and diverted its attention, would you have had a chance to hurt it? That’s nonsense! Of course this prey belongs to our group!” Sun Qi and Liu Yuxuan immediately retorted.
This wild wolf is so big and weighs at least over a hundred kilograms. It determines the final ranking of the hunt. Maybe it will take the first place and be rewarded with gold coins! So we must not give in.
“I was almost bitten to death because of this wolf! We found the wolf and we killed it. Of course it should belong to us!”
“Look at the blood mark on me! I was caught in the fight just now. The wolf belongs to you. , Then how do I count my injuries?”
“I was the one who killed the wolf in the last moment, so it must be ours!”
“I’m sorry for your ancestors!” Li Zilu screamed as he lay on the ground and no one paid any attention to him. They were all bleeding, and they didn’t know who to scold, so they could only scold everyone.
However, the others turned a deaf ear to his curses and screams and continued to argue about the distribution of wild wolves. Hu Meng and Chen Yao gave in first and proposed a 50-50 split. However, Sun Qi and Liu Yuxuan firmly disagreed and asked to lose their status. . Hu Meng and Chen Yao were also angry. They changed their words and lost their identities. They were six and the other was four. Now the two sides were even more unable to reach an agreement.
At this moment, there was a commotion in the jungle. Ev