s wife, and his wife hugged him, sleeping very intimately.

“Well, you must realize that everyone has a dark side. If you are ‘convicted’ simply based on the dreams you have had and the thoughts you have in a moment, everyone will fall into hell. No one is immune, including myself… I can control it. The dark side of myself prevents it from ever entering reality. For most people, it’s pretty good…” Audrey increasingly feels that playing “Dream Walker” is a torture and torture of her own soul. temper.
She entered the dreamland again and “traveled” to other areas.
Not long after, she came to a warm “room”.
There is a thick carpet here, a dining table is placed, and the host is an old lady with gray hair.
On both sides of her were a middle-aged man and woman and three underage children. They were all lighting candlelight, tasting delicious food, talking and laughing, and were very happy.
Outside the room, the darkness was deep, and the strong wind made the glass rattle, brewing the terrifying feeling before disaster struck.
“What is the owner of this dream worried about and afraid of?” Audrey exited the dream, trying to find answers from reality and verify her speculation.
/She immediately saw a small bed and the old lady with gray hair.
On the bedside table of this old lady, there are photo frames one after another. They are either wrapped in black cloth or tied with white flowers. They are of a middle-aged couple and three underage children.
Audrey turned her head in silence and looked out the window, only to see the ruins left by the bombing near the house.
The noble lady pursed her lips and suddenly returned to the old lady’s dream.
She did not try to prevent the possible disaster. She just materialized a chair, sat next to it, and looked at the happy and warm family seriously and intently.
Amid the whistling wind and shaking glass, the lights in the room were bright, the food was fragrant, and laughter continued.
Audrey summarized the following rules for playing “Dream Walker”:
“The traveler in the dreamland has been here, seen it, recorded it but did not interfere. He is just a ‘spectator’.”
In St. Samuel’s Church, Leonard was summoned by Archbishop Anthony Stevenson and walked up the spiral staircase step by step in the sunlight shining through the stained glass.
Suddenly, he lowered his voice and said:
“Old man, that secret party is about to start again. Do you really plan to try to enter the treasure left by the Jacob family at the end of the month?”
“It’s not sure yet, but this is an opportunity. At least Amon’s body is entangled with the matter of ‘Origin Castle’ and will not appear suddenly.” In Leonard’s mind, Pales Zoroast’s voice was slightly deep. He responded dumbly, “However, now I am more inclined to reveal the news of the treasure and let the people in that party take risks and explore on their own, while we stay nearby, observe the situation, and extract the needed things from their hands. ”
Leonard was startled for a moment and whispered:
“Old man, isn’t this too insidious?”