thy of it! “

thy of it! ”
I would like to ask netizens, why didn’t you review the 3999 special limited edition in the advertisement?”
“The 3999 special edition uses AMD’s lowest-grade Duron, and other accessories are the flagship products of the first-tier manufacturers. According to the Tesla’s consistent style, I believe it has its own special features, but Duron is still a bit expensive compared to the price of 3999. I look forward to being the first to try it. ”

Looking forward to the launch of Frozen!” , Belle clicked on the Tesla advertisement, and the Frozen chassis suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.
The chassis is very nice and the name Frozen is also very nice. But she always felt that this nice name should not be used on the chassis…
25, Friday, cloudy.
In the early morning, I was in the small square in front of your house in Xiagou Village.
“はじめまして, first time meeting; どうぞよろしく, please take care of me.” In the morning dew, Zhao Song was facing the faucet, reading aloud the daily island Mandarin.
“Wow~” Lian Shun ran over and interrupted Zhao Song.
/“Big glutton~” Zhao Song cursed with a smile, took out a ham from his trouser pocket and handed it to Lian Shun.
“Wow~” Lianshun held the ham in his mouth, shaking his head and running towards the security post.
Zhao Song closed the book, came to the door of Xiaoyu’s cubicle, and patted the door vigorously, “Little lazy cat, are you okay?”
The door opened in response, and Xiaoyu walked out with an impatient look on his face, white and dumbfounded. Zhao Song glanced at him.
The outfit Xiaoyu wore today was purchased by the image designer from Xiangjiang from a high-end shopping mall in Causeway Bay according to Zhao Song’s request.
Zhao Song finally saw that in reality there was a flower-growing girl who could control twin ponytails. What would it be like if Xiao Yu were given a pair of animal ears?
Zhao Song was a person who had children. No matter how cute and beautiful Xiao Yu was, he would also He never had any other unnecessary thoughts. At this moment, he just felt happy!
“I also have a cute girl!”
“Lianshun! Isn’t sister Xiaoyu pretty today?”
“Xiaoyu is so beautiful!” Uncle Lu also praised.
“That’s it!” Zhao Song took Xiao Yu’s hand and shouted proudly, “This is my sister!”
“Zhao Song, have you made arrangements for Xiao Yu’s schooling?” Uncle Lu asked with concern.
“It’s arranged. I’m going to report today, get to know the teachers and classmates, and then wait for the official start of school on September 1st.”
“Xiaohe Middle School?”
Zhao Song shook his head, “My sister, if you want to go to school, go to the best one! ”
You can go to a good school now, so why not?” When the school districts allocate computer seats in the future, even department-level cadres in Kyoto will not be able to guarantee that school problems will be solved.
/Uncle Lu looked at Zhao Song with interest and asked, “Which school?”
“Normal University Affiliated!” It was the No. 1 junior high school in Kyoto