and it seemed that it was not yet time.

and it seemed that it was not yet time.
What can be done to prevent that from happening? Abandon the car and walk?
If we give up those weapons and ammunition baggage and give up the protection of armored vehicles, the team will be more dangerous when encountering a group of corpses.
However, if you continue to stay in the armored car, the scene in the Scepter Warning might actually happen.
How can we have both?
Is all this a warning, or is it something that will inevitably happen and show him a future that cannot be changed at all?
Liu Gan didn’t know, but he knew very well that if he didn’t do anything, the things that happened in the nightmare warning would probably really happen in front of him.
After comprehensive consideration, Liu Qian came up with a compromise plan, which was to hand over the convoy to Wang Shang’s younger brothers, let one of them named Lu Hu take full command, explained some tactics to him, and also The female staff member and several clone soldiers were assigned to him, and he was tasked with driving five armored vehicles to clear the way ahead.
Liu Gan will use the communication device in his helmet to communicate with him at any time, inform him of the team’s situation in real time and issue corresponding instructions.
The others all got out of the car and followed the convoy at a distance, with a distance of one kilometer on both sides, just like yesterday when Liu Gan led his team to follow Gong Chenglong and his convoy.
In this way, there is no need to give up the ammunition baggage in the armored vehicle. Once the armored convoy is attacked, those following them can decide whether to rush to the rescue or flee far away based on the situation of the corpses.
Liu Qian didn’t tell anyone why he did this. He just tried hard to change everything he saw in his nightmare. In this matter, no one can help him, he can only rely on his own wisdom and improvisation.
Anna’s life and the lives of others all depended on him. He couldn’t save everyone, so he had to give up and let some people become cannon fodder without knowing it.
Instead of sitting in an armored vehicle, they had to walk hard behind the armored vehicle. Some team members were very puzzled by Liu Gan’s decision, but since Wang Shang and the others didn’t say anything, these people naturally couldn’t say anything and could only hold back their bodies. Tired and mentally sleepy, I continued to move forward on the armored vehicle track just like yesterday.
Along the way, we rarely encountered a single group of corpses, and the surrounding area seemed unusually calm. But the calmer it was, the more uneasy Liu Qian felt. He knew that behind the calm, huge threats were approaching step by step, but he didn’t know when and where they would erupt.
Or perhaps, the mysterious eye has designed a trap for them, waiting for them to step into it step by step, just like what Zheng Wenshuo and Gong Chenglong experienced before.
The only difference is that Liu Qian got an early warning from the scepter.
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