le ghost! At the same time, he summoned level 14 Chen Haiwang.

le ghost! At the same time, he summoned level 14 Chen Haiwang.
Based on the power of the blue fireball, Liu Gan estimated that this death thunder was enough to kill Sun Qi. Once Sun Qi died, he would immediately lose control of the female ghost, and the female ghost would no longer be afraid.
The thick-toned thunder and lightning from the Death Thunder struck down from the sky above the competition stage and landed directly on Sun Qi’s body that was not protected by her armor. The fog armor flying carpet was instantly evacuated from her body.
All the players on the flying carpet were stunned and let out a burst of laughter. The array of exclamations is so shady! Cheating! How could a level 10 player unleash such a powerful attack? If Sun Qi loses like this, he will never participate in the mission again if he beats them to death!
However, a scene that surprised all the players appeared. Sun Qi, who had lost the protection of his armor, was not killed by the death thunder. He was only seriously injured, but there was still a trace of blood left. . At the same time, the female ghost she controlled was also seriously injured, but she was still floating firmly in the air and continued to wave to Liu Gan’s soul.
The female ghost summoned by the treasure Sun Qi can share the damage with her. Most of the damage caused by the huge lethality of the death thunder was shared by the female ghost. Therefore, although Sun Qi was seriously injured and dying, she did not die. The same goes for the ghost. There was only a little bit of blood left that had not been dispelled, but it relied on this little bit of blood to successfully capture Liu Gan’s soul and drag him into purgatory!
/Suddenly, the scene around Liu Qian changed drastically. There were mountains of blood and corpses everywhere, and various evil ghosts floating everywhere. Scenes of the most terrifying scenes in the world kept changing in front of him, making it impossible for him to continue. Lock on Sun Qi’s position and attack.
Of course, even if he wanted to attack Sun Qi at this time, there was no point, because his soul had separated from his body and was trapped in the ghost world of the female ghost. Everything he saw and experienced now was female ghost. The various tragic scenes in the ghost’s memory replayed, and he could no longer control his own body.
“Hahahahaha, are you stupid? No matter how powerful you are, your soul has been sucked out by my female ghost now! Let’s see how you win today’s duel!” Sun Qi saw Liu Qian with a dull face and knew that the female ghost had already After succeeding, he couldn’t help but laugh wildly.
/What she needs to do next is to destroy Liu Gan’s fog armor, and then use various cruel methods to torture Liu Gan for hours or even days and nights in order to repay her for stripping her clothes and spanking her. humiliation.
Although Sun Qi’s outer fog armor has now been destroyed, and although she is seriously injured and dying, she can still move and launch attacks, but Liu Qian’s soul has been extracted fr