cely, and then exploded.

cely, and then exploded.
The few people present had no time to stop it, everything had already happened.
Wei Heng’s head exploded like an exploding watermelon.
White, red, splashing.
The soul is also exploding….
Where is the soul? ? !
Yuanduzi was the first to recover from the shock and realized something was wrong.
“Huh? Why can’t I see you all of a sudden? Godmother Yuandu, Godmother Rong’er? Where are you?”
Wei Heng lost most of his head, leaving only half of his mouth to keep talking.
He stretched out his hands randomly, as if trying to catch something.
“Fuck…” Song Chaochao stared blankly at Wei Heng beside him.
She had never seen a living person who had lost most of his head and could still speak! ?
This… Even the Abyssal creatures must adhere to the basic laws…
The brain is the center that controls consciousness. Without the brain, the Abyssal creatures only have instincts and cannot express themselves so clearly.
But now…
soon, under the horrified crowd of people watching, Wei Heng’s brains that were exploded sprouted pairs of dense pink feet one after another, rustling from the wall and the ground, The ceilings climbed down one after another.
All the brain, flesh, fascia, and bones crawled back to Wei Heng’s head, just like joining together building blocks. In less than ten seconds, it was restored to completeness.
When the last drop of blood was drilled back along Wei Heng’s ear.
Everything went back to how it was when they watched the live broadcast.
Except for the traces of being blown up and scattered around, everything else seemed as if it had never happened.
Wei Heng had no idea what was going on and just touched his head. He looked at the others inexplicably.
“Why are you all looking at me?? Even though I’m handsome, you’d be shy if you looked at me like that…”
In the nearby starry sky, there was an empty abandoned spaceship.
One after another spiritual energy communicates with each other.
“It actually failed!? This Wei Heng, where is his soul!? Why can’t he find his soul!?”
“I don’t know! I’ve been looking for a long time and I still haven’t found where his soul is!”
“What exactly is this revival meeting ?
What the hell!? How can a person speak without a soul? Even if he is a creature from the Star Abyss, he has to rely on his organs to control his body’s will! There is a trace of his father’s flesh and blood. At the moment when you attacked, that bit of flesh and blood absorbed Wei Heng’s soul and hid it.
“It seems that there is a reason why Wei He dared to let his children roam outside.
“Then what should we do! ” ? The plan failed! ? The Consummation Meeting and the Recovery Meeting cannot intensify conflicts, and a series of plans will be affected after this!
“Don’t worry, there is still a chance. ” Hair, skin, you shouldn’t have had it when you started… No, someone is chasing you! ! ”
Nao suddenly exclaimed.
At this moment, in the outer space of the spacecraft, a majestic spiritual energy swept over quickly.