m to be much ahead of Earth’s technology.

m to be much ahead of Earth’s technology.
“Nuclear power engine built with controllable nuclear fusion technology, no energy armor, no weapon modules found, active ray detection technology” The robot also gave Liu Qian some detection data. Of course, it had these a few days ago Speculation, but now that we are closer, we can draw these conclusions with certainty.
“Does controllable nuclear fusion mean that it is still ahead of Earth’s technology?” Liu Gan asked the robot.
“It’s a lot ahead, but not enough to support interstellar travel.” The robot answered Liu Qian.
The detectors of the Trisolaran civilization were obviously directed at Liu Gan, but after arriving here, they found nothing. Liu Gan had disguised himself as a starry sky, and the energy fluctuations were reduced to a minimum, and he appeared as the Trisolaran civilization. With some technologies, it should be impossible to find Liu Gan before Liu Gan produces a large energy fluctuation.
After feeling that the other party’s technological level should not be much higher than that of the earth, at least the kind that would make interstellar travel impossible, Liu Gan decided to make his actions bolder, such as actively capturing the detector.
After confirming the location of the Trisolaran civilization detector, Liu Gan added energy to the power equipment, instantly increasing it to one-tenth the speed of light, tens of thousands of kilometers in just an instant.
Liu Qian’s body, this shuttle-shaped aircraft has a very simple capture device. Although it is simple, the technology content is not low. It emits a ball of energy package, traps the target, and then pulls the target back to itself.
The technology used here, at least, cannot be analyzed by current human technology. However, for Liu Gan, who is already in the fourth stage of his brain, it is not a very bizarre technology. He can popularly call this technology energy. cage.
The detector of the Trisolaran civilization was quickly pulled back to Liu Qian. During this period, it tried to break free, but obviously to no avail. The robot mobilized the main system program, easily cracked and took over the detector’s main system, and then reversed the process. The Trisolaran civilization that was communicating with it was found.
If it had not captured the opponent’s detector and conducted a reverse search, Liu Qian’s detection equipment should have been able to find the location of the Trisolaran civilization within a day. It is a star orbiting the Centauri A star group in an extremely far orbit. a planet.
The diameter of this planet is about two-thirds that of the Earth. It is in an extremely cold and lonely state far away from the star group, and will be relatively difficult to explore.
/Human society twice used stars as backgrounds in 2014 and 2016 to try to detect whether there were planets near Trisolaris, but ultimately found nothing. But now Liu Qian is certain that there are indeed planets near Trisolaris. .
/This planet is extremely far away from Trisolaris. The distance is