er on the shoulder before leaving the gym.

After eating something, Liu Qian left the city again and walked towards the direction of the ripper. Although the knife in his hand was still very weak, with the ability of ‘Bone Crushing’, he could cooperate with it. With some fighting skills, Liu Gan believed that he was enough to deal with the elite zombie.
Of course, after killing the elite zombie and its two younger brothers, Liu Gan estimated that he should be able to advance to level 4.
But when Liu Gan came to the mountain road where he encountered elite zombies and semi-elite zombies chasing him yesterday, he met a group of about dozens of players. After gaining insight, Liu Gan found that these players belonged to the same group named ‘ Hell Killing Fields’ family.
They obviously discovered that there were a lot of elite zombies and semi-elite zombies here, so they organized a group to level up here.
When Liu Gan approached, two players suddenly came from nearby and blocked Liu Gan’s path.
“A full set of novice uniforms, a whiteboard sword, it can kill Lianshou, and more importantly, it will make you more courageous.” A fierce-looking man named Zhang Tiantian, holding an alloy stick in his hand, said to another man next to him .
Liu Qian looked at it with insight. Zhang Tiantian was the deputy patriarch of the Hell Killing Fields family. He was already at level 4. He was holding an alloy stick with level 2 lethality in his hand. His body was shining with a faint white light. He had obviously exchanged for some basic defense. chip.
It seems that the Hell Killing Fields family has been doing pretty well these past two days. At least the deputy leader has reached level 4, and he has almost assembled a white outfit.
“Do you really want to kill someone?” Another level 3 male player named Ding Mingyuan, who was holding a big knife, had a hesitant expression. Ding Mingyuan’s body also shone with a faint white light, but the brightness was weaker than Zhang Tiantian’s. It seemed that some of his novice uniforms were still not changed.
“In this game, if you don’t kill someone, you have to prepare to be killed. This person has no family and a complete novice outfit. You have me by your side. If you can’t win, I can take care of you at any time. What are you afraid of? If you are always afraid, or Don’t join our family, just find a place to be killed by zombies!” Zhang Tiantian scolded Ding Mingyuan.
“He’s very strong, so he probably won’t be easy to fight.” Ding Mingyuan’s hand holding the big knife was still shaking a little, although he had resigned himself to being trapped in the game. Although he had often been in the game when playing other online games. He had killed people there, but now he could only say that it was all too real, making it difficult for him to do anything.
/“You worship me as your teacher, and I have to help you. Let’s do this. I’ll seriously injure him first, and then you kill him! Watch carefully how I fight!” Zhang Tiantian became a little impatient and started to fight. The