equipped with armor or upgraded. A. Before upgrading, it is only equivalent to a full set of purple equipment for ordinary players.

equipped with armor or upgraded. A. Before upgrading, it is only equivalent to a full set of purple equipment for ordinary players.
Moreover, it is the kind that has not been strengthened.
Adding armor and upgrading requires a large additional cost.
Therefore, the players who came to see it were just for a look, and no players made any purchases.
A flash of lightning lit up in the sky, followed by a loud rumble, and a heavy rain poured down from the sky. The protective cover could keep out the zombies, but it could not stop the raindrops in the sky. The entire Qingzhu City was soon shrouded in heavy rain.
The players beside the protective cover quickly found a place to hide from the rain, watching from a distance the tanks attacking the zombies outside by the protective cover.
It was raining heavily and it looked like it was night.
Liu Qian left the arsenal, looked at the sky, and then suddenly returned to the arsenal. This time, he did not hesitate at all and paid directly to take a picture of a medium-sized tank. After paying, he got a dimensional space ring. When he went to the gate of the military factory and faced the open space with heavy rain, he summoned the medium-sized tank with a thought.
“Someone bought a tank!”
“It’s the intruder!”
“Don’t talk nonsense! Be careful of the trouble coming from your mouth.”
Several players looked at the medium tank summoned by Liu Gan from a distance, with envy on their faces. expression.
“You said you wouldn’t buy it just now, why did you buy it now?” Liu Ruyan followed Liu Qian to the medium-sized chariot and asked him a little strangely.
“It’s raining. How can I get home without a car?” Liu Qian replied to Liu Ruyan, opened the door of the chariot with his mind and got in.
“That makes sense. How can we get home when it rains without an umbrella?” Liu Ruyan muttered and got into the medium tank.
“Holy crap! The reason why I bought a car is because it rained and I didn’t have an umbrella!”
“This is called having money and being willful!”
“Yeah! How can a man not have a car? Especially when there is such a stunning beauty next to him.”
/Several players were far away Liu Qian heard the conversation between the two from a distance, and they were talking in low voices with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.
The driving of a chariot is different from that of vehicles in the real world. The initial design of driving a vehicle in the real world is very awkward, especially when the accelerator and brake are placed together. Novice female drivers often use the accelerator as the brake in an emergency, resulting in a lot of accidents. ACCIDENT.
But all this has become a natural habit and there is no way to correct it.
The driving of the chariot is much more humane than the vehicles in the real world. It feels like returning to nature. The steering wheel has been changed to a shape similar to a handlebar, and the foot brake has been changed to a hand brake. Like a bicycle, you can squeeze it with both hands in an emergency. You can perfor