d about.

She knew clearly that what she dreamed about was the Fool, the mysterious Fool who stood above the gray fog.
“This is the answer to my early morning prayers,” Audrey, who quickly entered the “spectator” state, analyzed calmly.
Although she didn’t understand why the Fool didn’t respond on the spot and had to wait until night, she was still deeply shocked by the effectiveness of the ritual magic and the effectiveness of those few spells.
In the past, she prayed to the goddess of the night, but she never received a response.
Even if Mr. Fool is not a god yet, he should be pretty much the same. Audrey took in a breath slowly and exhaled it slowly.
Since the other party was a powerful being that she could not resist, she quickly put aside some of her worries and began to think about what to do next:
“However, every god-like existence has its own complete sequence chain, and may not necessarily know the formulas of other sequence paths. A new extraordinary organization like the Psychological Alchemy Society may not be qualified to receive the attention of Mr. Fool.”
After breaking away from the contact, Klein sat at the top of the long bronze table in a good mood.
His whole body was shrouded in gray fog. He leaned back on the chair and put his hand into a fist against his mouth, recalling and reviewing the process just now.
At this time, he was the only living creature in this gray fog world, and other than that, it was silent.
“It seems that I can only pass information over, but cannot use it to mobilize the power here. It seems that my previous trick idea will not work.” Klein kept tapping his mouth and silently summarizing.
/His original intention was that if the designed spells and rituals were effective, he would try to see if he could use this method to bind himself to the gray mist world, thereby leveraging the power of this mysterious space.
/When the time comes, he can pray to himself to circumvent restrictions, mysteries, and dangers and make more full use of the gray mist world.
For example, he could first hold a ceremony and pray to “himself” for the gift of magic, and then enter above the gray mist and respond to this prayer by himself and grant the gift.
“It seems that I still thought too much. My understanding and mastery of this gray fog world is far from reaching that level.” Klein shook his head and laughed at himself, preparing to leave.
At this moment, he saw that the crimson “star” symbolizing the “Hanged Man” also began to shrink and expand, and heard illusory and invisible sounds swinging in circles.
“It just so happened that the Hanged Man was holding a ceremony.” Klein nodded thoughtfully.
He sat at the top of the long bronze table, stretched out his hand and pointed towards the “star”.
The spirituality spread out and touched the crimson color that was constantly shrinking and expanding.
He heard the low and overlapping prayers of the “Hanged Man” and saw the blurry images.
In the picture, the “Hanged Man” is wearing a pure black robe, standing in front of four fires, su