was a giant rabbit with bright red eyes and snow-white hair.

The rabbit walked in step by step and stopped at the side of the long table, right next to Audrey.
“Unfortunately, you only have one choice.” Delao smiled and pointed at the “Rage” mask on the table.
The rabbit made a male human voice:
“I’ve always been gentle, and it’s just the right time to experience the feeling of rage.”
As it spoke, it picked up the persona and put it on its face.
/This mask has wide eyes and a wide mouth, as if it is about to roar at any moment.
When Mr. “Angry” sat next to Audrey, Dellau patted his hands and said:
“I would like to formally introduce to you the two new members who have joined the jury.
“This is Miss Arrogant, and this is Mr. Furious. They are both demigods with profound attainments in the spiritual field.
“Among them, Miss Arrogance is in charge of the Backlund region of Loen Kingdom.”
Having said this, Delao looked at Audrey and said:
“You may not know yet, but we are rooted in several large groups of psychologists, psychiatrists and related enthusiasts. Our power is mainly concentrated in metropolitan areas, not small towns and villages. Therefore, each committee member is responsible for a certain A city and its surrounding areas.”
Then, Dellau continued:
“Mr. ‘Rage’ is in charge of Azshara, the capital of Renburg;
“Mr. Lust is in charge of Trier, the capital of Intis;
“Ms. ‘Greedy’ is in charge of St. Myron, the capital of Feysac;
“Miss ‘Lazy’ is in charge of Feneport City, the capital of Feneport;
“Mr. Gluttony is responsible for the city of Constant in Loen Kingdom.”
After the introduction, Dellaw added two sentences:
“The purpose of our Psychological Alchemy Society is exploration, discovery and research. We don’t care about the scope of influence, the number of members, the degree of resource possession, etc. Therefore, we have no Of course, members of the jury often go to the sea to explore ruins in the southern continent and pursue ancient history. Haha, I forgot that I am the ‘King of the Black Seat’ above the Five Seas.”
Although they are not as good as the three major cities of Backlund, Trier, and Feneport City, they are not small in scale, and there are many medium-sized cities around them. This makes the coast of Jianhai the most economically developed city in the Northern Continent. A developed and most populous area.
Under such circumstances, it was not too surprising that the Psychological Alchemy Society would focus on Jian Hai. Audrey’s main reason was that she did not expect that the Psychological Alchemy Society did not seem to be very interested in expanding.
/After several members of the jury got to know each other, Dellau turned to Audrey and said:
“Miss ‘Arrogance’, affected by the war, Backlund’s psychological alchemy will suffer a lot. Many members have lost contact. I will give you a specific list later. You are responsible for determining the whereabouts of those members and re-locating them. They organize.
“In this process, I suggest that you do not use your