that was as sharp as clay, but he used his palm to attack. Something is wrong!” His

that was as sharp as clay, but he used his palm to attack. Something is wrong!” His
rich combat experience made Xiong Ba make the most correct reaction even when he was blind. He did not dodge. He didn’t take the palm, but stretched out his hand directly, and the big hand wrapped in translucent blood solution slapped Yin Kuang’s wrist directly.
/But what Yin Kuang did next made Xiong Ba feel a little threatened. Yin Kuang followed Xiong Ba’s blow and turned his body. Then, the green sword was wrapped in purple light and spun around in a circle, slashing towards Bear bully.
“It’s useless. Even my ‘greedy wolf blood claw’ can’t be easily broken by the green sword.” Xiong Ba thought to himself, the bloody claw of his left hand reached out, and he accurately grabbed the green sword, but just before At this time, the power from Qingzhi Sword suddenly disappeared! ?
“Abandon the sword!?”
The blinding effect of “Dragon’s Breath” on Xiong Ba only lasted for one second. After all, there was a gap of one grade. This was probably the limit of what Yin Kuang could do. The moment he grabbed the Qingzhi Sword and felt the power on the Qingzhi Sword disappear, he regained his normal vision. Then, he saw Yin Kuang pushing out his palms right in front of him.
“What move is this?”
Because Xiong Ba was a beat slower after all, Yin Kuang’s pair of fleshy palms finally stuck to Xiong Ba’s lower abdomen smoothly, and then the bone spurs pierced!
The bone spurs that Yin Kuang popped up became faster and sharper after the G virus evolved again. Coupled with the Arrancar, even with Xiong Ba’s defensive ability, two holes were pierced by bone spurs.
But then, Yin Kuang was violently thrown out by Xiong Ba, smashing a tent.
However, the two holes in Xiong Ba’s lower abdomen that were spurting blood quickly grew new muscles and skin, blocking the two holes in an instant. His ability to recover is countless times stronger than that of Yin Kuang, who has the powerful repair ability of the G virus!
“Okay!” Xiong Ba said, “Next, I’m going to be serious.”
“Ugh!” Xiong Ba puffed up his chest and opened his big arms. All the muscles in his body swelled up instantly, and then more blood-colored solution was poured out. It seeped out from the skin and gradually wrapped his entire body in it. Finally, the bloody solution took on the shape of a wolf.
Xiong Ba looked like he was wearing a bloody wolf skin.
“This is the ‘Greed Wolf Blood Armor’, a skill that mutated the ‘Blood Wolf Clothes’ into the killing soul of the ‘Greed Wolf Soul’! This is a powerful defensive skill that can withstand even laser cannons, and it also has ultra-high temperature Burning effect. Yin Kuang, do you want to live? Do you want to get rid of the shadow of being killed by Zhao Yun? Withstand my next blow! Being able to follow through without dying proves that you now have the ability to defeat Zhao Yun. Come on Come on, let me see the power of your dragon soul! Roar!”
“Greedy Wolf Blood Armor” is even stronger!
/Yin Kuang stood up, his amber