it in one gulp, and drank a whole glass of iced Coke with a straw in one breath. He joked: “I only have nine burgers like this.” Can eat half full. “

it in one gulp, and drank a whole glass of iced Coke with a straw in one breath. He joked: “I only have nine burgers like this.” Can eat half full. ”
Don’t be modest, baby. I know you can actually swallow a fast food restaurant, but we can’t do that because in New York City, you’re supposed to act like a normal human being.” ”
“You are right to say that. “The two of them laughed and rushed to Muttersloh outside New York City.
They had not been here for several months, and looked at the huge New York New Harbor that had been built in the distance and the ‘New York Harbor’ that was almost connected to the harbor through the bright moonlight. The military base, as well as the new LS slaughterhouse, which has expanded to the size of a medium-sized town, Zhang Lisheng said with a smile: “Such a large port, military base and factory can really be called the three wonders of New York. ”
Chapter 194: The New ‘Western Expansion Movement’
The young man’s boasting made the girl next to him chuckle…” “You really don’t know how to be humble, honey.” “Tina said, turning the steering wheel and driving onto the branch road that leads directly to the slaughterhouse. The
/SUV passed twenty or thirty trucks lined up, and was about ten meters away from the factory when it was suddenly stopped by the security guard who rushed over. Blocking, “Sorry, this is a private place.
Except for customers with reservations, everyone else…”
“Is the management of the factory so strict now? “The young man sitting in the passenger seat turned around and looked at the security guard outside the car window and asked.
“Ah,” although he is a new employee, Zhang Lisheng’s photo printed on the cover of the ‘LS Employee Handbook’ is very distinctive. With a slender face, the security guard still had some memory, “You are, you are…”
“I am Zhang Lisheng, and I am also the ‘private person’ who owns this ‘private place’. ”
Oh, sorry sir, please come in. ”
“Don’t be sorry. You did your duty. Thank you. ” “Zhang Lisheng closed the car window again, “It’s already night and the weather is still so stuffy.
I think some allowances should be added to the security guards on duty.
“You are such a kind boss. My father has never taken the initiative to increase bonuses for anyone, but the tone you used when talking to your employees just now is very similar to him. ” “Tina curled her lips, drove into the factory, and came to Zhang Lisheng’s independent two-story office building.
That night, the two of them worked out the next step of LS Group’s continued expansion plan with Charlie, and completed a rough draft Later, the general manager of LS Group immediately showed great appreciation for Tina’s market strategy that coincided with her own to seize the eight major metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Chicago.
“It took me half a year of actual operation of LS Group to slowly form it.” I thought about the next step of market expansion, but I didn’t expect that Miss Tina would actually be in college after class…” ”
Charlie, we all kno