how much benefit the country could get.

how much benefit the country could get.
Mongolia’s commercial taxes are not high to begin with. When Han Xuan came back with a 20-year tax halving agreement, even Mr. Perare looked at him with admiration and couldn’t understand how the government could make such a ridiculous agreement. Agree.
Even if the government finances have an extra billion US dollars, it is still the country’s money. If these more than 10 million US dollars are spread equally among several people, each of them can get two to three million US dollars, which is considered their own money.
Understand the account Everyone knows how to calculate. Don’t think that Mongolian men who ride horses and eat mutton all day long are all stubborn. They are only powerful when they are bad.
Originally, Han Xuan thought that one person could spend half a million dollars, but unexpectedly, after he said it, everyone was in the lion’s mouth. , one is more ruthless than the other.
In two or three years, the surface of the mining area can be mined, and it will be moved underground when the surface can no longer be excavated. The railway and power plant issues are not troublesome. After a phone call with the big boss, they were all solved. , the real trouble is the sales problem.
/After discussing with Perare, Han Xuan feels that there is no rush to negotiate on this for the time being. As China’s development speed increases, there will inevitably be a shortage of copper, and the status will change from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. , can we earn more profits from it.
If we talk now, we are destined to be ripped off, because the neighboring countries are not short of copper ore for the time being. What’s more, even if we negotiate now, there is currently no goods to sell to them. We are not in a hurry
to come. Early April.
It has been rainy in Mongolia recently, and the temperature has gradually risen and warmed up. Just when Han Xuan thought that comfortable days were coming, a sudden cold air hit yesterday, causing widespread cooling and snowfall, and the ground was covered with a thin layer of white.
Isabelle fell ill, but it was not serious. She rested in bed for the past two days and read books. At this moment, Han Xuan was at her bedside, helping to make milk tea to supplement her nutrition.
Like most Westerners , Like people, Isabelle doesn’t like to take medicine, or in other words, when her condition is not too serious, she prefers to rely on her immunity to recover, so as to avoid overtaking antibiotics and causing a decline in physical fitness. The
heating system has not started yet The charcoal fire in the stove in the center of the room burned vigorously, and the smoke was exhausted through the pipes, turning the snow on the ground outside the room black.
“Okay, I can leave at any time.” Isabelle put down the paper and raised her head and said.
There was a knock on the door at this moment.
Secretary Dawson shouted to the inside through the door: “Little boss, someone is here to see you, the Mongolian who sells hor