door opened, and Klein saw Inspector Toler standing guard outside, not letting anyone get close.

“What happened just now?” Toller asked confused and worried.
He vaguely heard a lot of movement inside.
Klein smiled and replied deliberately exaggeratedly:
“Congressman Maynard came to life and tried to give me a warm hug.”
“Don’t be kidding.” Toller looked helplessly into the room.
“Why are you so serious?” Klein spread his hands and said, “Because of an issue that is still uncertain, Senator Maynard turned into a living corpse. Well, it’s just like the kind in various ghost stories. Fortunately, I can still Without leaving, he used ritual magic to remove the impurity in time, allowing him to return to a peaceful sleep.”
“Does this have something to do with the cause of his death?” Toler asked seriously.
“I can’t give you an answer. I don’t even know what went wrong. You should know that in our field, unexplainable things are quite common.” Klein said perfunctorily, then shook the portrait in his hand and said, ” When I was channeling, I saw the scene before Senator Maynard’s death. He was sharing the joy that a couple should have with this lady, and he covered his heart when he was happiest.”
“You mean he was the cause of death?” Toller said with a “you know” look.
/“Theoretically, that’s the case, pending subsequent autopsy.” Klein handed the portrait to Inspector Toller.
Toller only glanced at it and exclaimed:
“Mrs. Sharon”
Klein looked at him blankly:
“Is she famous?”
Well, in terms of appearance and figure, he should be relatively famous. He complained in his mind.
Toller glanced around and introduced with excitement:
“She is very popular among the aristocracy and the new wealthy businessmen. She is a socialite who can be invited to banquets by both the Conservative Party and the New Party.”
“It is said that she and her stepson, the current Baron Hoy, have an ambiguous relationship with some nobles in Backlund, and several senior government employees. She is a very powerful lady. Unexpectedly, she and Mena Congressman De also has this kind of relationship.”
To put it simply, Klein, an excellent socialite, secretly summed it up, pointed sideways into the room and said:
“The next part is not part of my task. How to interrogate Mrs. Sharon is your problem.”
“Well, before the purification, I slapped Senator Maynard with a stick. You guys should deal with it and come up with an explanation.”
“What?” Toler, who was like a brown bear, was startled. He looked at Klein, then at the guest room, and rushed in with an agility he shouldn’t have.
He pulled back the white cloth covering the body, examined it carefully several times, and then breathed a sigh of relief and said:
“It’s better than I thought, it’s not a big problem.”
Maybe I should pull out the revolver and give Councilor Maynard five rounds of demon-hunting bullets to see if the problem is serious or not. Klein sneered, pointed at the door and said:
“I won’t have anything to do with me from now on.”
/“No,” Toler shouted suddenly, “just wait