ian came out.

ian came out.
Sun Tu said to Tang Rouyu: “The thing is like this. Our boss said, suppose there is a very strong enemy threatening our life safety, and we all have a common enemy, do you think Dongsheng and Nanhai can cooperate? Maybe?”
Tang Rouyu and Qian Qianqian raised their eyebrows. The two of them looked at Sun Tu with a flash of surprise in their eyes. He thought to himself: “Did the people in Class 1238 also think of it?” It turned out that Tang Rouyu and Qian Qianqian just returned to the cave not because of tenderness, but because Yin Kuang contacted them again.
After a good sleep, Yin Kuang felt refreshed and clear-headed. During breakfast, he once again picked up the problem from the night before. He was inspired by a pair of chopsticks and finally had a flash of inspiration to give himself more. The target of the strong sense of crisis is locked on Sun Wukong from another world!
Tang Rouyu then said: “I’m not sure about this. But if there is such a powerful enemy that threatens everyone, I don’t think it is necessary to communicate with the people at Nanhai University.”
Sun Tudao: “That’s right. The boss has sent Ouyang Mu to contact people from Nanhai University. Sister Tang, look, are you in your class?” Tang Rou said: “You haven’t said who that very powerful enemy is yet.” Sun Tu smiled and said : “I don’t know about this either. I’m just conveying what the boss said to you, Sister Tang.”
Tang Rouyu waved her hand, “I understand. Since Zhu Tong has sent someone, I can’t make sense if I don’t send someone. Qianqian , How about I trouble you to make a trip?”
Qian Qianqian smiled slightly and said, “Okay, Sister Tang, leave this matter to me.”
Wei Ming and others also heard something strange at this time. Wei Ming couldn’t help but said: “Go and discuss cooperation with the people in Nanhai? Cooperation for what? Is it too hasty? What if something goes wrong?”
If Yin Kuang did not contact Tang Rouyu, of course it would be impossible for Tang Rouyu to do it because of Zhu Tong Take risks with unclear words. According to Yin Kuang’s opinion, it would be best to form a united front and then go directly to the Yujiang Temple to end this exam. As for letting Qian Qianqian go, it was Qian Qianqian who volunteered.
Tang Rouyu said to Wei Ming and others: “I’m afraid there are some unknowable bad situations happening. No matter whether the cooperation can be successful or not, it’s best to get in touch. We must also be prepared for the failure of negotiations. Yin Kuang has also started to take action. .” He said, glancing at Sun Tu. Sun Tu forced out a not-so-pretty smile. Not being stupid, he also thought that he must have gotten some information during the time Tang Rouyu and Qian Qianqian left just now.
/“Sun Tu, could you please lead the way for Qian Qianqian?”
Sun Tu said secretly: “You clearly know the direction and yet you let me lead the way. You are clearly trying to get rid of me.” But he could only nod helplessly. Qian Qianqian said to everyone: “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”