ed out of the military camp. It was the darkest night before dawn.

ed out of the military camp. It was the darkest night before dawn.
This night was destined to be difficult to calm down! But no matter whether it is calm or not, time will not slow down or speed up according to people’s wishes. It just moves forward unhurriedly, moves forward, and moves forward without looking back.
/During the day, around ten o’clock in the morning. After spending a night and half a morning on the road, Yin Kuang and others finally arrived at Luoyang City. But this time they entered the city not from the east gate, but from the west gate. He did not enter the city silently like last time, but pretended to be a merchant fleeing the war and fled to Luoyang City with his family. After spending a large sum of money in process fees and undergoing strict interrogation, more than 130 people entered Luoyang City.
/The little emperor had already woken up. Wang Yue tapped his sleeping point, allowing him to sleep comfortably all night, and he felt refreshed when he woke up early in the morning. It’s just that he doesn’t look good. But he didn’t make any noise or resist. Regarding Wang Yue’s explanation, he just nodded and said lightly, “I understand, I can’t help you.” This kind of calmness and stability made Qian Qianqian and others want to beat him severely.
But if you compare yourself with others, the little emperor is indeed pitiful. You are the emperor, but you are being manipulated here and there like a puppet, with no freedom at all. Even the only person he trusted, Wang Yue, turned against him because of the theft of the jade seal. I’m afraid that the little emperor only trusts himself in this world now. Of course, maybe if Wang Yue really puts Dong Zhuo’s head in front of him, he will trust Wang Yue again, but it is obvious that he wants to return to the previous trust. It’s impossible.
It’s a pity that when meeting people like Yin Kuang, the little emperor is destined to be even more miserable than in the original work. Because to put it bluntly, Yin Kuang is a group of college students who don’t regard him as a human being, try every means to squeeze out his value, and stab him to death when he is worthless. For example, not long ago, while Wang Yue was leaving, Yin Kuang said to the young emperor, “After your majesty was trapped by the Dong thief, I was able to rescue you. Your majesty was imprisoned and deceived by Yuan Shao. I also rescued your majesty. No matter what difficulties your majesty has in the future, I will save His Majesty.” It was said in a polite way, but in reality it was just one sentence: You can’t escape my grasp! At this moment, the ten-year-old emperor finally showed his trembling and fear.
Entering the city, Yin Kuang, the second-generation Queen Ying and others settled down in a large house in Nancheng. This house was purchased when the second-generation Queen Sakura entered Luoyang last time, and it is now in perfect use. Then everyone who had been traveling all day did nothing, closed the door, wrapped themselves in quilts, and fell asleep! There was nothing I