or temples were very dissatisfied with this resolution. The five major temples wanted to use their respective influence to influence the Supreme Council.

Unfortunately, even the lord closest to the temple did not agree to persuade the temple.
The world of gods has never been peaceful, especially in recent times when evil gods have awakened one after another, and followers of evil gods are constantly causing trouble.
This decision came about when the temple needed the help of the noble knights, and several tasks in the temple had to be solved by the temple knights.
During this period, many temple knights died, leaving the temple in urgent need of help from noble knights.
The Great World War had a great impact on the five major temples, and the death of a large number of Templar Knights also caused the strength of the five major temples to decline significantly.
In Death’s small world, in front of the throne, there is an illusion, where there are eleven strange-looking figures.
“God of Death, is this the best opportunity you said?” The Savage Power God asked in a deep voice.
As the last god to awaken, the Savage Power God immediately understood the current situation in the world of gods through various means after waking up.
He found that although the great world of gods was in turmoil, the rule of the five gods was still unbreakable. As for the weak power of the temple, it was of little use to the level of gods.
/You must know that the five gods can solve the nobles’ problems through divine metaphors at any time if they want to.
At present, the nobles of the great divine world are dissatisfied with the actions of the five major temples, but their belief in the gods has not changed.
Of course, the more powerful the noble knight, the weaker his faith. Unless the knights trained by the gods themselves will maintain devout faith in the gods.
Mastering strong power can help people understand the world more clearly.
“Barbarian Power God, stop complaining. No one thought that the war between the Zerg world and the divine world would end so quickly!” The God of Death shook his head helplessly and said.
Indeed, the reason why the God of Death dared to awaken all the evil gods was because of the war between the divine world and the Zerg world.
In the eyes of the God of Death, this will be a protracted war, especially the space gate he created to connect the divine world and the Zerg world. If the space gate does not disappear, the war will not stop.
The God of Death never thought that in order to increase the capacity of the space gate, the Zerg tried their best to squeeze the space gate’s ability, which eventually caused the space gate to collapse prematurely.
He never thought that in the powerful Zerg world, so many Zerg gods would be almost killed by the five gods of the divine world.
“This time is actually not bad. At least the war between the Zerg world and the divine world gives us a chance to wake up safely!” The God of Fire said in a deep voice.
Through the war between the Zerg world and the divine wo