ed. The four of them saw the “meat pancakes” spread out one after another on the glass wall, and then slid down little by little.

ed. The four of them saw the “meat pancakes” spread out one after another on the glass wall, and then slid down little by little.
“King Ada, did you show me this disgusting thing?” Wesker said dissatisfied. King Ada said: “I’m sorry to tell you that the disgusting thing you said is the combination of Isaacs and Aikenfol.” Wesker turned to look at King Ada and said: “You are kidding me. “?” Although he thought this was unlikely, he still wanted to confirm. King Ada said: “I haven’t joked for many years.”
As soon as King Ada finished speaking, two snake-like things suddenly jumped up from the swollen “meat sea” and stretched out in front of everyone’s eyes.
“I feel it! I feel it!” A roaring voice rang out, extremely excited, “Prototype G, yes, it is Prototype G!” ”
He is mine, Isaacs!”
“Aikenfo, we are In one piece. So he is ours.”
Of course, when two bald heads appeared in front of Yin Kuang and Wesker, they finally had to admit that the large group of disgusting flesh monsters in front of them turned out to be Ai Sachs and Aikenfou
looked at Isaacs and Aikenfou, which were more like meat balls than heads. Wesker said in disgust: “How did they become like this?”
/“Wesker?” Glass wall Two “meatball heads” on the other side came close to Wesker, their two “faces” trembling and twitching. The one who spoke was the head that looked like Isaacs, “It’s really missed, Wesker. You passed Are you okay?”
The corners of Wesker’s mouth trembled and he said, “At least I think my life should be better than yours.”
With a “bang”, Aikenfo’s “head” hit the glass wall, “Wesker , your virtue is still annoying.” Wesker nodded and smiled: “Thank you for your praise.” Aikenfeng suddenly put his head in front of King Ada, “King Ada, you actually and Wesker Have they come together? Or do humans already coexist peacefully with biochemical beasts?” King Ada said: “Humans and biochemical beasts can never coexist. It is helpless to bring him here today.” Isaacs brought Aikenfo’s ” He squeezed his head away and said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. We are also old friends, and it is appropriate to meet and reminisce about old times. Hehe, you even brought Yin Kuang. I really don’t know how to thank you. Here.”
Yin Kuang stepped forward and said, “Isaacs, long time no see.” Isaac immediately pressed his entire face against the glass wall, and his face was almost pressed into a flat surface. He seemed very excited, “I’m just You know, we will meet again, I have always believed. Now we meet again. Yin Kuang, you are still so perfect. I swear, you are the most perfect among all my works. Hehe.” Aiken Buddha said: “Isaacs, I also have some credit for this. Without me, you would never have been able to develop the ‘perfect G’. Without the ‘perfect G’, how could you have created so many colorful species?” ”
Ai Kenfo, why don’t you understand that now we are one, there is no distinction between you and me.”
Aikenfo shook his head and said: “No. Although the bodies are the same, I have my consciousness, and you