turned around, and then he felt an icy chill pass by his cheek, and penetrated into the wall with a “pop” sound.

turned around, and then he felt an icy chill pass by his cheek, and penetrated into the wall with a “pop” sound.
“” Wang Ning was silent and quietly took out two weapons, one gold and one black, and glanced around with a pair of sharp eyes.
“It’s really not easy to find you.”
In the darkness, a dark figure slowly walked out. From the darkness, I stepped into a place with some light. By the faint light of the fire, Wang Ning saw a masked man covered in black cloak, carrying a quiver on his back and holding a silver bow. His whole body was full of mysterious aura.
/Lord Black Arrow!
Wang Ning did not ask such idiotic questions as “Who are you?”, but looked at the man in the black mask indifferently and silently. Wang Ning is accustomed to keeping his heart as cold as metal at all times. No matter what emergencies he faces, his heart will not waver.
Lord Black Arrow also looked at Wang Ning silently. After a while, he turned to look at the raging city lord’s palace, then looked at Wang Ning and said: “Do you know how much harm your fire will bring to the Prime Minister?” Troubled? Compared with your colleagues, Yin Kuang and Li Shuangmu, your actions really deserve the title of ‘Bronze Bird Secret Master’ and the Prime Minister’s high expectations.” Venerable
Wang Ning’s face was calm, his mind was as if It was spinning rapidly like a windmill, “Prime Minister? Cao Cao! Colleagues? ‘Bronze Bird Mystic’ Then combined with what the two idiots said before, it seems that I really belong to Cao Cao’s camp. But” Wang Ning said coldly: “You How to prove your identity?”
Lord Black Arrow sneered, raised his head slightly, and said: “No one has ever been able to pretend to be ‘Venerable Bronze Bird’. Even if there is, it will all go back to the underworld. Moreover, even if you have proof, you don’t have it. Ask me for qualifications. Now, tell me why you came to Jiangdong alone.” Wang Ning asked back: “How did you find my traces.”
Black Arrow let out a cold snort, “It’s ridiculous! As a bronze bird You are asking such a ridiculous question. In addition, you are not qualified to ask me to reply. I will give you one last chance. Say, or die!” Wang Ning’s
/cold expression changed, and he was keenly aware that Black Lord Arrow has extraordinary strength. Although he was motionless, Wang Ning had a feeling that as long as he moved, he would die.
“Zhuge Liang asked me to assassinate Sun Quan. Then he would blame Prime Minister Cao to encourage Sun and Liu to form an alliance.” Wang Ning said coldly. Lord Black Arrow asked: “Is the assassination successful?” Wang Ning sneered, “It was impossible to succeed in the first place! Zhuge Liang wanted me to die. Am I so stupid? So I simply burned down the city lord’s mansion.”
” Hum!” Lord Black Arrow said: “You should pay the price for this stupid move of yours.”
Wang Ning retorted: “I don’t think so. If I really assassinate Sun Quan and endanger Sun Quan’s life, Perhaps Sun Quan will definitely fall out with the Prime Minister. But if I make the city lord’s palace le