the All-Star Game, scoring 16 points in the half on 7-for-10 shooting, and even performed a stunning self-throw and dunk.jpg.

the All-Star Game, scoring 16 points in the half on 7-for-10 shooting, and even performed a stunning self-throw and dunk.jpg.
For the Western Team, Kobe took 16 shots in the first half, but he only hit 6 goals and scored 12 points.
His touch is average, and Kidd is really defensive behind him.
Sun Hao made 4 of 7 shots and scored 9 points.
The game entered the intermission.
/Nelson looked at the technical statistics for a while before returning to the locker room.
There is no need to lose a game you can win.
And there is another very important point. Last year, Popovich led the team and was reversed. If he loses by a big score this year, he may receive some text messages.
There was no tactical arrangement in the midfield locker room, and the players were all laughing loudly in the locker room.
Nelson came in at this time and called Sun Hao and Kobe out.
This scene aroused curiosity among others.
“We want to win this game. You are the defenders and you have to organize the team, okay?”
Sun Hao nodded.
/Kobe glanced at Nelson and didn’t react. After all, Nelson was not his head coach.
“Kobe, the premise of everything is that we have to win the game, right?”
Nelson suppressed his temper and turned to look at Kobe and said.
Kobe nodded this time.
It is customary for the All-Star Game to give the MVP to the player with the most points on the winning team.
If you can’t win the ball, no matter how many points you score, it’s useless.
Nelson didn’t say it directly, but the truth was clear.
Seeing Kobe nod, Nelson continued.
“In our case, the ball is always in the hands of both of you. If you score in an attack, whether you score it yourself or your teammates, even if you score it, you have the right to control the ball next time, otherwise you will give the ball to the other party. , understand?”
Old Nelson’s arrangement was very spiritual.
If you have the ability, you can score the ball, but if you can’t, just hand it over.
That’s fair enough.
Back in the second half, the Eastern team attacked first.
As soon as Iverson came up, he hit a mid-range shot after a pick-and-roll with Yao Ming.
Unlike the first half, he came back to attack on his own in the second half.
It seems that the story in the midfield is not only the Western team, but also the Eastern team.
60 to 52, the Eastern team extended its lead to 8 points.
The Western team attacked, Sun Hao organized with the ball, and he and Nowitzki returned the ball after the pick-and-roll.
Nowitzki hit a high jump shot after receiving the ball.
The synergy between the Dallas twins.
Iverson continued to attack in the frontcourt, but this time his shot was interfered by Duncan and missed.
Kobe returned to defense and grabbed a defensive rebound.
His next move surprised everyone on the Western Team.
He actually turned around and gave the ball to Sun Hao!
Nowitzki was stunned. What happened?
The Western team played a fast break, Iverson retreated relatively far, and Sun Hao directly stopped to chase and hit a