“Oh. “Tina nodded, looked at Michelle on the hospital bed, and said comfortingly: “Miss Michelle, relax, you will get better soon. ”
“Thanks. “In front of the public enemy of all the girls in Lobich Middle School, Michelle changed her frustration and said politely.
Tina nodded to Michelle again, then looked at Zhang Lisheng and said, “Lisheng, my grandfather is a neurosurgery department at Harvard Medical School. Professor, if you need anything, just let me know.
I’m going back to Tracy first.
Goodbye, everyone. ”
Wait a minute, Tina, let me go with you to greet Tracy.” Zhang Lisheng hesitated for a moment, then turned to look at Lily, “Mom…” ”
Oh, go ahead, honey, let us decorate the ward.” Lily said and pushed Zhang Lisheng out of the ward. She wanted her withdrawn and introverted son to have more contact with girls.
Seeing the backs of Tina and Zhang Lisheng disappearing into the ward, Ladi seemed to have suddenly come to his senses and was stunned. Dai said: “That’s Tina. Doug Linya?
God, it was Tina who was talking to Li Sheng just now. Douglinia!
And it sounds like Li Sheng, who has always been a fool in front of the girl, is very familiar with her. Not only that, he seems to know Tracy. Steger!
No, this is not true, Harry, pinch me, pinch me quickly, I must be dreaming.
Harry on the side heard this and said with a sly smile, “Dear brother, are you sure? ” ”
Although it sounded like a question, his hand was already raised high and he pinched Ladi’s face severely.
A scream of ‘Ah…” came from the ward, which seemed to prove that Ladi was not dreaming. .
And this is exactly the case. Zhang Lisheng was not only familiar with Tina before, but now the two of them want to regain their friendship.
“How is your slaughterhouse going?” Tina suddenly asked as she walked silently in the hospital corridor.
“It’s too good to be true, especially these days near Christmas.”
“Then you must be in a good mood, it’s really enviable.
I’ve been having nightmares lately, nightmares about ‘worms eating people’ .” Tina said with a low voice and a hint.
“But the ‘bug’ in your dream shouldn’t hurt good people, let alone you, right?
Do you know Tina, bugs are actually the simplest and most direct animals in the world, such as bees, and you disturbed them for no reason. , it would rather die than sting you, and if you treat it well, it will make honey for you to eat.” ”
You are right Li Sheng, I finally figured it out. In fact, bugs are not terrible, although they It looks a little disgusting.” After hearing Zhang Lisheng’s paradoxical description, Tina couldn’t help but smile and said, “But I never thought there would be a bee as big as you.” ”
/That’s a description, I’m not a bee. I can make honey for you.
By the way, Tina, how did Tracy’s mother have a heart attack?”
“It’s not that damn Harrick…”
“Your boyfriend, Mr. Mound?”
“Li “Sheng, I have never admitted that idiot is my boyfriend. He can only say yes, say yes, say he is my ex-boyfriend…”
/Hearing what Tina said, Zha