ason, didn’t take much advantage of Dampier.

ason, didn’t take much advantage of Dampier.
Old Nelson surprise x2!
Dampier was traded to counter O’Neal. Judging from his performance on the training ground, he has the ability to do this.
In terms of duels, Van Exel is definitely one of the strongest players on the Mavericks!
The Mavericks’ perimeter defense has always been a problem, and Nelson can only rely on Finley, who defends the league average.
Even at many critical moments last season, he had to use Sun Hao to defend Kobe.
As for Bell, he is also one of the shortest generals.
But now, with Bell’s progress, he really has the potential to become a defensive general!
Old Nelson surprise x3!
The two showed off the results of Germany’s training.
Old Nelson surprise x4!
Play and show off with ease.
Old Nelson surprise x5!
Five surprises in a row!
/Wait a minute, let the old man slow down, his heart can’t bear it anymore.
The progress of these Mavericks players was achieved in private training, and the surprises came one after another.
After practicing for a few more days and seeing the tacit understanding between Sun Hao, Bell, Nowitzki and Bodiloga, Nelson was already smiling from ear to ear.
If last season’s Mavericks were compared to a battleship, the new season’s Mavericks will be an aircraft carrier!
Not to mention Popovich’s nemesis, he is now confident in defeating the Lakers who have just established a dynasty!
In fact, if it were Sun Hao, he would not be able to help but think: I have never fought such a rich battle in my life!
Time flies to early October, and the NBA preseason begins.
/The Mavericks played extremely easily, starting with a big win over Houston and finishing with a big win over the Nuggets, winning 7 consecutive games.
Not to mention Sun Hao and Nowitzki, the newly joined Bodiloga, Barkley, and Curry all performed brilliantly.
This performance has also made fans and the media continue to raise their expectations for the Mavericks in the new season.
Before the start of the season, ESPN conducted a wave of predictions and rankings on the strength of each team as usual.
Comment from ESPN: The addition of Dampier has made up for their biggest weakness inside, and the emergence of Bodiloga has given them more options at critical moments, and in the limited time of the preseason, we can see The cooperation between Sun and Nowitzki is more tacit, and they will be the most powerful challengers to the Lakers dynasty in the new season.
ESPN’s predicted list is attracting attention. Of course, it is not just the Mavericks that are receiving attention. In addition, in
the Eastern Conference, Jeff Van Gundy has been replaced as the head coach and Michael Jordan has recovered from his injury. The Wizards have better adjusted the Big Three. The Celtics, the Kidd-Nets, who have changed their minds to achieve a 720° turnaround, the Pistons, who have signed Billups, and the Pacers, who have quietly completed the replacement of the old and the new, have begun the
new season. Before, the waves were alr