process, even if he becomes the boss of the team, he can only be there for another one or two years at most. Isn’t it natural for him to take over?

process, even if he becomes the boss of the team, he can only be there for another one or two years at most. Isn’t it natural for him to take over?
Secondly, O’Neal’s character is the kind of person who accepts soft things but not hard things. Sun Hao would only be grateful to him for saying this.
In fact, if Kobe gave in a little bit before, O’Neal would not completely fall out with him.
Finally, wouldn’t it be nice to let O’Neal be the nominal boss and then willingly give himself more power?
Not to mention O’Neal, he was willing to give in even to Kobe, but would he not give in to Sun Hao, who had a better relationship with him?
There are many more. This question may be a tangled question for fans, but in Sun Hao’s case, the answer has already been answered.
However, Sun Hao’s answer still caused a lot of controversy after it was reported by the media.
Many fans think that Sun Hao is still the smart player who knows what is most important.
There are also many fans who feel that Sun Hao is too weak in this matter.
There are even more voices in the latter.
After all, this is the United States, a place where heroism is prevalent, and this kind of humility is not necessarily popular.
However, what happened next made these “American” fans choose to shut up.
Because O’Neal spoke up.
Although this is not said directly, the meaning is very clear: Sun Hao is the boss of the Lakers!
Well, O’Neal didn’t forget to trick Kobe Bryant.
This time, the fans no longer have any trouble.
/Because Sun Hao said O’Neal was the boss, and O’Neal said Sun Hao was the boss, so does it still matter who is the boss?
No comparison, no harm!
Compared with the scene of Kobe and O’Neal fighting for the boss during the OK group period, the contrast between the harmonious scene of Sun Hao and O’Neal is really huge!
Maybe, he would wake up laughing in his dream.
And, good things come in pairs.
Just after Sun Hao and O’Neal perfectly resolved this possible conflict, O’Neal’s recovery from injury was better than expected.
If nothing else goes wrong, he will make his comeback a week before Christmas, and then he will be able to catch up with the Christmas war.
There are a total of four Christmas games this year, namely Pacers vs. Pistons, Wizards vs. Timberwolves, Spurs vs. Celtics, and Lakers vs. Mavericks.
Once it was Thanksgiving and once it was Christmas. Stern has never been ambiguous when it comes to creating hot spots.
And even though it’s only been a month, so much has happened.
Sun Hao broke the single-quarter scoring record and then scored 60 points. Kobe also scored 58 points, a career high, and was in hot form.
Coupled with O’Neal’s return from injury.
The Christmas war will attract much more attention than the Thanksgiving war!
That will definitely be the most watched game since the start of the season.
There’s still a week left before that starts.
O’Neal has begun recovery training on the sidelines.
However, he looked fatter than before.
There is nothing that can be done ab