d bell for this “Distant Combat” class.

d bell for this “Distant Combat” class.
When everyone returned to the classroom, they counted and found that a total of 27 enemies had been killed, 7 of which were sniper kills by Zeng Fei, and Pan Longtao killed 9 people. The bloodline of the Gunslinger and the skill of gun fighting were really impressive. As for the others, they were killed by Yin Kuang, Bai Lu, Li Shuangmu and others. Bai Lu, on the other hand, was criticized coldly by Saber. Nothing else, just because he kills enemies with his fists.
/Fortunately, although everyone was injured, Wei Ming, Qi Xiaoyun, etc. were all shot with holes and blood gushing out. If it weren’t for taking medicine, I would probably be stuck in the course scene. The thrills not only frightened these teenagers, but also made them excited and excited. Even though get out of class was over, they still felt like “ta-da-da” and “bang-bang-bang” gunshots echoing in their ears.
/Before get out of class ended, Saber, who still had a straight face, said: “Good performance. Now I give you an after-school homework, disassembly and assembly of the M4. You are required to be blindfolded. The time limit is 2.45 seconds. I will check them one by one in the next class. Those who fail. , bear the consequences at your own risk.” After saying that, he left.
“Don’t do this, right? You even give homework after class? This is really a university!” Bai Lu slapped his forehead on the table. Wei Ming said: “Nonsense, this is a university. Do you think there is anything surprising about assigning homework after class?” “Well, it seems that there is really nothing surprising about the homework assigned by the teacher.” Bai Lu scratched his head and said: ” By the way, disassembling and assembling firearms is still a real pain in the ass job.” Pan Longtao smiled and said: “Haha, Brother Bai, if you don’t complete the homework assigned by the teacher, it won’t be a pain in the ass. Maybe he will ask you directly Broken eggs.”
“You think, can’t I just exchange it for a firearm skill?” Bai Lu said. Li Shuangmu shook his head and said: “It’s better not to think about taking tricks. Although you can exchange firearm skills, you may not be able to use them well. Just like you can write, but you may not be able to write well. Skill exchange is not omnipotent. . In the end, we still have to rely on ourselves to practice diligently. Things that are related to life should be taken seriously.”
After listening to Li Shuangmu’s words, everyone nodded unconsciously, feeling that it made sense. Just listen to Pan Longtao say: “Brother Li is right, it’s like I exchanged the gun god bloodline and the gun fighting skills, but when I actually got to the battlefield, I was also caught off guard. I was almost shot in the head. “It’s gone.” Wei Ming said: “Xiao Bai, let’s practice steadily. Don’t imitate my brother. He almost went to see my grandpa just now. Uh, it seems like he can’t die, right? Wrong words.”
“Go!” Bai Lu Patting him, “I’ll just tell you, who says I must be lazy. We’ll see, if I get serious, God wi