hrank inward and quickly moved toward him.

hrank inward and quickly moved toward him.
Sun Hao broke into the penalty area, but at the same time, he distributed the ball to the other side.
Malone is following up!
This time the ball was distributed at the right time, Malone suddenly took a step after catching the ball, dunked directly with one hand, and slammed the ball into the basket!
There was a burst of cheers at the scene.
Malone is even older this season than last season. He rarely dunks in games because he needs to make full use of his physical fitness.
But maybe because he was facing Kobe, or maybe because he didn’t want to waste such a good pass from Sun Hao, he dunked the ball!
/And he dunked like he did when he was playing in Utah!
Sun Hao turned around and gave Ma Long a high-five.
Among the most regrettable players in history who did not win a championship, Barkley ranks among the top three, but Malone ranks among the top two.
The only distance between Malone and the championship is Jordan’s “Last Shoot.”
So you can also feel his desire for the championship from this dunk.
Returning to the defensive end, Nowitzki attacked the basket and was blocked by Anderson who was assisting in defense!
And the ball happened to be in the hands of Sun Hao. Sun Hao threw it to Finley, who finished the fast break with another dunk!
The Staples Center was abuzz.
Lakers, it’s time to start!
Johnson reached out and touched the back of his head. He had just called a timeout, and it was inappropriate to call him again!
/Fortunately, in the next round, Kobe hit a pull-up jumper during his breakthrough!
After discovering that the Lakers began to shrink the double-team, he switched from breakthrough to shooting!
As mentioned before, his golf IQ is very high!
Tonight, Kobe is going to score points with Sun Haobiao!
Sun Hao was in a pick-and-roll with Malone again. This time he broke through and passed the ball to Christie in the bottom corner.
Because the defense was too tight, what Christie got was a completely open space where he could even take a sip of coffee before taking a shot.
He also adjusted his shooting posture and took aim for a while before taking the shot.
Facts have proved that as long as he is given enough shooting space and preparation time, Christie can also shoot the ball from the outside!
17 to 10!
The Lakers opened the point difference to 7 points!
The excitement on the faces of the fans at the scene could not be hidden at all.
Just like Kobe said before the game, O’Neal is absent and the Mavericks have no reason to lose this game.
Sun Hao scored 12 points and 2 assists!
He dominated every offense of the Lakers, and every offense of the Lakers scored!
This is incredible!
However, fans who have watched the Lakers play the Spurs before will not be too surprised, because Sun Hao’s current style of play is too similar to Ginobili’s.
Switch between scoring and passing as you wish.
The only difference is probably that Sun Hao has a stronger scoring ability than Ginobili!
Nowitzki rec