ur knowledge!

ur knowledge!
However, Ginobili broke out of Bowen, and the latter also made a three-point shot!
/The fans at the scene were very excited to watch.
The two sides feel that the regular season battle is not enough. When it comes to overtime, let’s continue!
That is to say, this continues until 20 seconds before the end!
Ginobili made a snake-like breakthrough to the basket and passed the ball to Duncan. Duncan then resisted O’Neal’s defense and scored the ball!
Stone Buddha, he stood up!
121 to 119!
The Spurs took the lead 6 seconds before the end!
Phil Jackson called a timeout!
Many fans at the scene held their hands on their chests, saying that they were completely afraid to watch the game.
Tianwangshan, overtime, until the last countdown, maybe just one goal.
This is a script that will give people a heart attack!
Come back from the timeout and the game continues!
The Lakers serve a sideline ball in the frontcourt.
The server was Divac, who was temporarily substituted.
The Lakers played Phil Jackson’s signature starburst strategy.
The ball came into Sun Hao’s hands, but he didn’t have a chance to take action directly. After giving the ball to Horry, he quickly cut from one side to the other.
When Horry passed the ball, there were only 2 seconds left.
But Sun Hao was double-teamed by three people!
O’Neal was unable to play at the last moment, and Popovich knew Jackson had no choice.
As it turns out, Popovich guessed wait!
/That damn feeling is here again!
Sun Hao didn’t take a shot. He returned the ball to Horry at a 45-degree angle on the same side at the last moment!
And after giving the ball, you can see Sun Hao’s expression. If it were accompanied by a text, it would definitely be like an American hero movie: Shoot, for justice!
Horry took the shot before the buzzer sounded.
The breathing of the fans at the scene felt stagnant, and their hearts were beating so fast that they felt like they were about to pop out.
But the next second, their eyes widened.
Well, it’s also a winning goal!
“You think thighs are for hugging, but sometimes, I am the thigh.”
Excerpted from “The Autobiography of Robert Horry”.
After Horry hit the three-pointer, the entire Staples Center was on fire.
This makes people’s blood boil, and they can’t help it!
One thing to say, Horry’s performance tonight was absolutely superb, but who doesn’t have a career night?
In fact, in history, Horry, who played for the Spurs this season, also played such a game, and it was still in the finals!
Now history has changed, Horry’s performance is ahead of schedule!
And it’s well in advance!
The Lakers, who won Tianwang Mountain, have already got the match point in the series!
He hugged Old Horry and took a sip directly on the guy’s bald head.
Soon, the Lakers players on and off the court gathered together to celebrate tonight’s victory crazily.
The Spurs players were a little lonely. After all, they were only one goal away from victory, maybe even just one second.
And the one who