took out the ‘Golden elixir’ fragments from the ‘experimental material’, only to find that he used tweezers to pull out a strip of elasticity from the native’s body. The

took out the ‘Golden elixir’ fragments from the ‘experimental material’, only to find that he used tweezers to pull out a strip of elasticity from the native’s body. The
young man was stunned for a moment as this situation had never appeared in other experiments. Upon closer inspection, he found that the flesh thread was actually adhered to the tiny fragments of ‘Golden Pill’. He was brought out. He
immediately thought of this It was probably a sign of cell acceptance. Zhang Lisheng was shocked. He hurriedly and carefully put the fragment back into the fractured spine of the native soldier. After hesitating for a moment, he gently loosened the tweezers. From now on, the experiment could only continue irreversibly. , the only thing he could do was to wait and see what happened.
After a while, the native’s body that had expanded to the limit began to slowly fester. After the corrupt tissues left the body surface and fell off, they would immediately become It turned into black dry powder and disappeared.
Fortunately, the native warrior never suffered a complete physical collapse like those previous experimental subjects. He kept wailing for two or three hours. When the howl finally turned into a slight moan, he slowly calmed down. He came down and fell into a deep sleep with groans.
This sleep lasted for a long month. When the native warrior opened his eyes again, he found himself naked and soaked in a cold pool.
The pool was dug in a spacious room. In the center of the treehouse, it is three meters wide and more than twenty meters long. The pool is covered with stone slabs. The water is about two meters deep. It gushes out from the ground spring, but it is always dissatisfied. Beside
the pool, a person looks after it intently. The Tudenan woman looked into the confused eyes of the young native warrior soaked in the water, and immediately jumped up from the edge of the pool in surprise and rushed out of the tree house.
Soon the news was uploaded to Zhang Lisheng layer by layer. In the ears.
/Zhang Lisheng, who had completely consumed the ‘Golden Elixir’ fragments on his hands a week ago and transplanted a total of nine cases of comatose plant-like natives, was anxiously waiting for the results, knowing that there was ‘experimental material’ When he woke up, he immediately ordered to summon this extremely lucky native warrior without any delay.
The attacker gave the order, and a few minutes later, the young native appeared in front of him devoutly wearing brand new leather armor.
He prostrated on the ground and praised with a slightly trembling voice: “Great attacker, you are the highest belief in my heart. I would like to be your spear forever, conquer the most powerful enemies for you, and sing for you. The most pious hymn. “, “Young believer, since you recognize me as the highest belief in your heart, it seems that you have already felt the power of spellcasting that I have bestowed upon you. “Sitting cross-legged on the animal skin, completely unaware of the natives kneeling in front of him, Zhan