idiot-looking Shi Yongxin, maintained the continuous incense in Shaolin for thousands of years.

idiot-looking Shi Yongxin, maintained the continuous incense in Shaolin for thousands of years.
The old monks were unable to support themselves. At that time, Shi Yongxin, who was only a teenager, cut trees and dug potatoes to offer to Buddhist elders. He was also criticized and tortured by the Red Guards of the same age.
But even for eight years, he still faced the west every morning and knelt down to recite “Amitabha Buddha”. ‘Four words’ a hundred times.
He can only recite the four words ‘Amitabha’. It may not be that he is stupid, but that he can fully understand the immeasurable true meaning of Buddhism from these four words.
I heard that this annual meeting can open the venue so much. It was also his suggestion to allow vendors to set up stalls freely to sell. Being free
/from the secular world and keeping oneself clean is certainly a kind of practice, but eminent monks with great virtues and great freedom of mind who enter the world and promote Buddhism are more worthy of respect.”
“Senior Sister, I didn’t know what kind of virtue he had before, but now I often see news about him on the Internet.
/Could it be that he took a few photos with others and gathered a few lay disciples who knew kung fu and shaved their heads to perform in a Las Vegas casino? “Is fighting for the right to sell fake goods for these villagers who bully the market to promote Buddhism?”
“Now is the era of science and technology where people can win over others. Even our disciples of Tiandao Temple are online, which can make millions of lay people’s hearts When I think of Buddhism, doesn’t it count as promoting Buddhism?” The woman in red sighed and said with a wry smile.
The sword-browed girl was dissatisfied but speechless. While she was hesitating, she suddenly saw Zhang Lisheng walking up the steps of Qingyang Palace carrying a backpack.
As a new sorcerer, Zhang Lisheng looked to her like a humanoid monster shrouded in dim black smoke under the sun. The backpack on his back was as black as ink, which couldn’t be more conspicuous.
“Teacher, senior sister, there is actually a ‘witch’ in Langlang Qiankun who has infiltrated the Qingyang Palace among the tourists.
This is only one step away from the place of worship of Zhuge Wuhou, who presided over the ‘cutting down mountains and annihilating ancestors’ more than a thousand years ago. Moreover, technology The times are too unreasonable.
Strike first and then I will destroy him…” The sword-browed girl’s face showed excitement. She raised her hand and grabbed a purple talisman, and whispered eagerly.
“Stop, there are too many tourists here, so be careful.” The woman in red stopped the girl and warned her with a solemn face.
As she spoke, the woman in red’s thin ears with faint blood vessels trembled slightly. Soon after, she breathed a sigh of relief and said again: “That person is not from China. He speaks English. It seems that he went abroad with his mother. Traveling tourists.
Since he is a foreigner, he has nothing to do with us.”
“He is not Chinese