enny Smith was speechless, and Buckley on the side couldn’t help laughing.

enny Smith was speechless, and Buckley on the side couldn’t help laughing.
As a plastic friend, seeing Smith being criticized by O’Neal is also one of the joys of life.
Just when Smith frowned and Barkley laughed, O’Neal made another addition to his speech.
“That guy Yao has just come back. Not to mention his condition, his weight hasn’t been adjusted yet.”
After he said this, Barkley and Smith already had “Come On” expressions on their faces.
It was only after O’Neal started laughing too that they realized how much O’Neal expected from this Lakers team.
Previously, the only person O’Neal expected to be able to end small balls and rectify the name of the center was Yao Ming!
The Clippers’ offense was interrupted.
Amid the cheers of the Los Angeles fans at the scene, the Lakers’ defensive intensity is increasing, and the Clippers’ offense is obviously not as easy as before.
Yao Ming blocked the defensive rebound under the protection of Howard, and the cheers at the scene reached another decibel.
When Sun Hao launched a wave of personal attacks, it was time for the Lakers to open up the score!
Sun Hao directly controlled the ball for half the game this time.
Still playing the same style, the Clippers adjusted their defense again.
/It’s still a double team on the weak side, but instead of inside, it’s outside.
Knight was let go.
Old Dunleavy’s reaction was not too slow. In the previous rounds, it had been stated that the three corners of the triangle could not be placed, so he simply placed them at the far end.
Sun Hao’s distribution was timely, but Knight did not take a shot in the open space after receiving the ball.
It’s not that he hesitated, but that his three-point shooting was very unstable.
After receiving the ball, he chose to break through and make a throw from behind the free throw line.
His reaction was quick enough, but his choice was really not good, because when he reached the free throw line, the Clippers’ defense rotation had already come over.
His shot was obviously a bit short.
The ball finally hit the front edge of the basket and popped out.
But at this moment, Yao Ming once again showed his ability to “eat, sleep and play World of Warcraft” and directly grabbed the offensive rebound over Howard!
Then, he put the ball into the basket with a crowd release that seemed slow but very pressing.
Moreover, Warcraft was unwilling to reach out and was called a foul by the referee.
This is a 2+1!
/When the whistle blew, Yao Ming turned around and excitedly asked Howard to eat a tomato.
The Staples Center was in a state of complete excitement, with a large number of fans standing up from their seats, waving their hands and shouting in excitement.
Stable, so stable!
Sun Yao has almost never missed a shot from the beginning until now!
It’s as if as long as you put the ball in their hands, they can put the ball into the basket for you!
This is a pair of twin stars for other people, but the Lakers are a pair of twin stars!
Yao Ming’s penalty opportunity.