to 98.

to 98.
The Lakers have hope again.
“Kobe! Kobe!”
The fans at the scene had already stood up and cheered for Kobe.
Nowitzki’s strong breakthrough in the frontcourt failed to score.
Amid the cheers of the fans, the Lakers’ defensive intensity was very high.
Kobe jumped up and grabbed the defensive rebound.
/When he reached the frontcourt, Kobe faced Griffin and shot a three-pointer.
This ball selection seems a bit rushed.
But Griffin made a fatal mistake at a critical moment. He defended too hard and was directly called a three-point foul!
Defense is not just about size!
/Old Nelson was a little helpless.
After Finley was sent off, no one could even limit Kobe’s scoring.
Kobe has also entered a “Zone” state and made all three free throws!
98 square meters!
The Lakers have tied the score!
Kobe’s personal score reached 54 points!
He has gone crazy!
And under this atmosphere, the Mavericks made a coordination error, and LaFrentz let go when he caught the ball!
The ball is back to the Lakers!
Kobe, continue to hold the ball in the frontcourt.
Kobe was also very uncomfortable being guarded.
Sun Hao switched defenses with Griffin at this time and faced Kobe directly.
Although there is a difference in height, Sun Hao is obviously more defensively aggressive than Griffin.
Only then did he realize that Sun Hao, who had been defeated by him ten times in a row, had made such great progress in defense.
He had no chance to face the frame, so he had no choice but to use his back.
He chiseled twice, and then used his new offensive weapon to turn around and shoot a fadeaway jumper!
Sun Hao had already taken precautions and directly defended with his eyes covered.
Faced with the height difference, this is his most effective defensive method.
And the moment he made the save, Nowitzki also came to help defend, and the two of them blocked all of Kobe’s vision.
An almost perfect defense.
Kobe shot this shot completely based on feel.
The ball barely got past the defense.
fell into the net bag!
100 to 98!
Kobe Bryant shot 9-0 alone, helping the Lakers overtake the score!
His personal score has reached 56 points!
After another shot, Kobe didn’t show his murderous expression again.
But he shouted excitedly to the fans.
“I am the King of Los Angeles!”
the fans cheered, they like Kobe like this!
But O’Neal looked very embarrassed.
Kobe was declaring war on him head on.
Nelson reached out and called a timeout.
When he came off the field, Nowitzki looked at Sun Hao, spread his hands and stared, with an expression on his face that seemed to say: “We are on guard!” This is
indeed the case. You can’t expect Sun Hao and Sun Hao to play the ball just now. No matter how well Nowitzki defended, Kobe still put the ball in.
Pure personal ability.
During the timeout, Nelson designated Sun Hao.
The key goal still comes from Sun Hao.
And in the middle of the arrangement, he suddenly remembered something and called Bell from the end of the