on reached a peak.

on reached a peak.
This game was unprecedentedly fierce and full of excitement.
Moreover, there were consecutive controversial penalties at the end of the game. James’s walk and Paul’s push were not called off.
The result was these two penalties, which allowed the Bulls to win Tianwangshan with a thrilling 103-101 victory.
Both the process and the result of this game are exciting enough.
It’s just that the current result is obviously that the Bulls have a better chance!
/One thing that needs to be said is that we are talking about the battle between the Bulls and the Knicks, but the fans are obviously more optimistic about the Knicks.
And because of the penalty, the game was bloody after the game. A. Smith not only scolded the referee’s ancestor, but also Stern in the end.
Of course, it was of no use in the end. For the Knicks, the next away game in Chicago is likely to be the time for the Big Three to disintegrate.
The Eastern Conference Finals here are so exciting. When G5 of the Western Conference Finals begins, fans will naturally pay more attention.
This game was at the Warriors’ home court, and the Oracle Arena fans showed their greatest enthusiasm.
And a very interesting scene is that you can see many fans wearing some religious clothes.
This is somewhat influenced by Thompson’s previous prayer gesture.
It feels like saying that Thompson alone is not enough to pray, so let them pray together that God can help the Warriors.
In the end, I don’t know whether it was the fans’ prayers that played a role, or whether the Lakers were a little overwhelmed by the two teams. In short, there was a gap in the status and performance of the two teams. The final result was that the Warriors narrowly defeated the Lakers 106 to 101 and put themselves in the same position. Rescued from the edge of the cliff.
The suspense has to be saved for G6!
Another day later, the battle continued.
The smoke of gunfire started again in the Eastern Conference, and the whistles were still ringing.
And this time Stern clearly controlled the penalties, and the scale of the game was obviously tighter than before.
This kind of penalty scale is also more beneficial to the Knicks. After all, purely in terms of talent, the Knicks are better.
With a 3-3 tie, the Eastern Conference Finals will usher in a tiebreaker!
Not to mention anything else, just the process and excitement of the game, the ratings exploded.
Then there was the foreshadowing of the Eastern Conference Finals, and fans’ expectations for the Western Conference Finals were raised to a higher level.
In G6 of the Western Conference Finals, gods and demons danced wildly.
Thompson broke out again. After fulfilling the “Buddha”‘s early arrival, he began to “G6 Soup” again; Durant also turned on the “Reaper” mode continuously, no one could stop it, and Curry also performed every day at critical moments. .
But Yao Ming on the Lakers almost beat Oden and Ibaka to tears.
Of course, the most important thing is that G6 Sun returns to the world!