r and only 45 points in the game.

r and only 45 points in the game.
Thompson scored 37 points in a single quarter and only 52 points in the game.
When you have a good quarter, your opponent will target you and your own physical strength will decrease.
But even so, after halftime, Sun Hao scored 23 points and McGrady scored 25 points. Both of them scored 20+ points.
/The score on the court was 46 to 45, and the two teams were almost tied.
“Don’t let him get to the free throw line so easily, stop him from the outside.”
During the halftime break, Nelson directly went up to arrange defensive tactics.
He didn’t reveal the players’ little thoughts and just started to support them.
If someone is destined to break the record tonight, then that person must be Sun Hao, not the opposite McGrady.
“Don’t switch defenses, Darrell, guard Sun in the second half, follow him closely, and don’t give him any more opportunities for misplaced singles.”
Coincidentally, on the other side of the Amway Arena, Rivers was making a similar arrangement.
If someone is destined to break the record tonight, then that person must be Tracy McGrady, not the opposite Sun Hao!
Tonight’s game is destined to be special!
Back in the second half, the Mavericks took the lead.
Sun Hao moved in the frontcourt, the Magic directly changed their defensive tactics, and Armstrong came directly to guard him.
Armstrong is only 1.83 meters tall and fast. He can bypass several pick-and-rolls in a row.
Sun Hao, this offense did not get a chance to make a move.
Laettner’s shot from the basket missed. Looking back, McGrady wanted to break out again, but he also discovered that the Mavericks’ defensive strategy had changed!
Finley kept a step away from him, preventing him from easily getting to the free throw line!
“This will be one of the most classic games of the season!”
The commentators on the sidelines couldn’t help but sigh after seeing such defensive changes on both sides.
Sun Hao and McGrady, Nelson and Rivers!
Maddie stood up immediately after seeing it.
Elegant figure, iconic scissor legs.
There was a crisp sound, and McGrady’s move came in!
His cold outside touch in the first half was back after the halftime break!
Sun Hao still didn’t get a chance to take a shot, but this time Nowitzki caught the ball and hit a jumper.
Looking back, McGrady continued to pull up from a high position on the outside.
Pull it out and there’s still something left!
He came back in the second half and scored 4 points in a row, and his score jumped to 29 points!
After regaining the feeling of dry pulling, he will start to go berserk.
And after this time, he looked at Sun Hao with a smile.
That expression is worth recalling.
It seems to be saying, my score has been extended, what about yours?
Sun Hao continued to run without the ball in the frontcourt. This time, Nowitzki played a pick-and-roll with Nash, but also moved to the high post to play a pick-and-roll for Sun Hao!
/The tall and round old driver finally blocked Armstrong, a