ctually been neglecting his girlfriend.

ctually been neglecting his girlfriend.
However, just as Wang Bo sat back on his mountain bike and was about to set off, the “mime” in the distance had a new plot that surprised him:
after Zhong Jiahui gave the “money” to her “boyfriend”, she was about to leave. However, one of the Huang Mao said something. Zhong Jiahui’s “boyfriend” looked embarrassed, as if he didn’t want to do it, but Huang Mao started to have a black face, and directly went up and kicked Zhong Jiahui’s “boyfriend”. At the same time, the other two Huang Mao also started to make noise.
As a last resort, Zhong Jiahui’s “boyfriend” caught Zhong Jiahui who was about to leave again, jabbering, probably making some request. Zhong Jiahui shook her head violently, with an angry expression on her face, obviously disagreeing.
At this time, the three yellow hairs also shouted and started making noises. They were probably persuading or threatening. Wang Bo couldn’t hear it, so he was just trying to fill his head.
Zhong Jiahui seemed to be frightened when the three yellow-haired men spoke together. She shook her head and pushed her bicycle, planning to leave immediately. But one of them, the one who collected the “money”, jumped directly in front of Zhong Jiahui’s wheel and stopped him from leaving. Zhong Jiahui turned the handlebar and changed the direction. The yellow hair also turned and blocked the wheel.
Zhong Jiahui finally got scared, and while scolding the other party loudly, she pushed the cart and hit him. The front wheel hit Huang Mao’s body. Huang Mao opened his eyes wide, as if in disbelief, and then became furious and grabbed Zhong Jiahui’s car axle.
Zhong Jiahui became excited and began to speak loudly, scolding Huang Mao. Then he turned to his “boyfriend” and said a few words with a cold eyebrow.
The “boyfriend” was frightened by Zhong Jiahui’s boldness. While he was apologizing to Huang Mao, he begged his “girlfriend” to agree to Huang Mao’s request. As he was talking, Zhong Jiahui raised his hand and slapped his “boyfriend” in the face.
“Pah!” Even from a distance, Wang Bo could “hear” the sound of the slap.
After receiving a slap in the face and being surrounded by a few gangsters, Zhong Jiahui finally started to cry. She didn’t want the bicycle anymore. She picked up her schoolbag from the luggage compartment of the bicycle and was about to leave. The three people who had been laughing all the time gathered around and blocked Zhong Jiahui’s retreat again.
/When Zhong Jiahui slapped his “boyfriend” in the face, Wang Bo yelled “Oops, Auntie, you are strong.” Be strong, but don’t care about the situation. Only your “boyfriend” is present. If you hit him twice or slap him twice, if a good man doesn’t fight with women, he probably won’t do anything to you; but there are outsiders present, and There are a few gangsters who don’t look like serious people at first glance, but are very concerned about face. If you fight them, you may cause trouble.
Sure enough, as soon as his worries surfaced, his sober “boyfriend” slapped him