untry that does well in sports, but it has a weakness: it is slow to develop.

untry that does well in sports, but it has a weakness: it is slow to develop.
This applies to both football and basketball.
“Rudy, why don’t we go watch the World Cup final!”
Sun Hao finally couldn’t stand Fernandez, and it felt like he had really turned into Sun Monkey with a tight spell.
Fernandez didn’t expect Sun Hao to say that suddenly.
He had never thought about going to watch a game live before.
Not to mention that at this time, where to buy tickets is a problem.
“Just say you want to, or don’t want to.”
Sun Hao asked.
Fernandez nodded without hesitation.
“Then go, I can get the tickets, but you have to promise me one thing. Train seriously during training and stop talking about the World Cup.”
“No problem!”
Fernandez agreed decisively.
Having the opportunity to watch the game live is a hundred times better than complaining on the training ground.
Scalpers, commonly known as ticket scalpers, exist in almost every industry and are especially active during the World Cup.
Sun Hao said that the only way he had was to buy scalper tickets.
There are a lot of advertisements on those gambling websites, but no one cares about them.
He tried to contact a few, but they all still had tickets, but they were all in very high places.
This is not surprising. After all, in the finals, there are probably not many that can be sold, and it is unrealistic to want a good position.
But let’s try taking Yoselin to watch the El Clasico first. The telescope is pretty good, so it’s not impossible to see.
After he finally bought two relatively late tickets, Sun Hao successfully sealed Fernandez’s mouth.
You already have to watch the football live, so why don’t you need a bicycle!
Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, the World Cup has entered the semi-finals. Sun Hao and Fernandez also suspended training and boarded a plane to France.
On the plane, Fernandez, who had been holding back for more than half a month, was finally released and kept talking about the World Cup.
This time Sun Hao didn’t talk about him.
People still curl their hair after holding it in for a long time.
If you quit masturbating or whatever, you will end up suffering from illness.
And at this stage, the highlights are indeed coming.
Especially the match between Brazil and the Netherlands.
On one side is the Brazilian team led by Ronaldo, and on the other is the Dutch golden generation led by Bergkamp and Ajax.
The encounter between two of the top three teams in this World Cup was an absolute blast.
/“Who do you think will win?”
A natural question was asked by Fernandez.
Sun Hao doesn’t understand football, but he knows the result.
“I’m also optimistic about France. I think they can win the championship this time.”
“What did you say?”
Sun Hao thought he heard wrongly.
Also, this routine is wrong!
Shouldn’t it be that Fernandez supports Brazil, and he supports France, and then the two make a bet, and after he wins, he wins Fernandez’s heart, and the latter obeys h