ow they come to wow chat software development department.

ow they come to wow chat software development department.
Harris goes to class at Stanford University today, not here.
/A very strange young man demonstrated to Han Xuan how to use the new generation of wow chat software in the Windows 95 operating system.
Microsoft is an open system. Although the desktop operating system has not yet been officially launched, Microsoft has opened open source programming software to many developers.
The programmers of HOPE Technology Company have been working overtime to write new software suitable for Windows 95.
Compared with the various computer operating systems before, Han Xuan felt very friendly when he saw the epoch-making Windows95 desktop operating system.
It already basically has the prototypes of several future Microsoft operating systems.
Icons such as “My Computer”, “Recycle Bin”, “Control Panel”, “Start” button and “Taskbar” are placed on the left side of the dark green desktop.
Patting the shoulder of the employee who was preparing to demonstrate the program, Han Xuan sat down to use the operating system himself.
Windows95 has successfully replaced MS DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) in operation. Users no longer need to understand DOS instructions to issue commands and run applications.
Moreover, the method of jumping from the command interface to the GUI image interface also eliminates the need for users to enter the DOS interface first and then enter win, and directly enter the Windows desktop as soon as the computer is turned on.
Click on Microsoft’s own Destiny browser, and windows95 allows the company’s artists to come into play.
/The desktop is designed to be very clean. When you open it, there will be a search bar like Baidu in the future, with a row of category bars on it.
The gradually improving Microsoft desktop operating system cannot solve the problem of installing software. If you want to install software on your computer, you still have to use a floppy disk.
For example, when installing Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating system, the genuine software is placed on ten floppy disks. Users need to install them one by one in order, and strictly follow the instructions throughout the process.
I’m sorry if I press the wrong key, I’ll start the installation from the beginning.
Christopher took a floppy disk and read through it. He spoke with a nostalgic tone:
“In 1993, in the music department of Stanford University, there was an associate professor with whom I had a good relationship.
Once he I spent nearly 200 US dollars to buy a composition software, which was installed on a 3.5-inch floppy disk. I also bought a computer specifically for this purpose.
He requested that the bigger the hard drive, the better, so he equipped it with a 200M hard drive and 8M of memory.
I was He also said that his configuration will not be outdated in five years, but it will be outdated in just two years. Computer technology is developing so fast.
By the way, our company needs to know which websites are more popular with users, so we recent