rries of West Balam. It is orange-yellow in color, sour and sweet. It relieves heat and quenches thirst. It also contains a certain amount of caffeine, which can help people fight fatigue and become awake.

After putting down the cup, picking up the napkin and wiping his mouth, Daniz let out a “ha” and said:
“I always feel like you have some conspiracy.”
“I hope so too,” Anderson said with a smile that didn’t mind at all.
He had coffee with his breakfast.
There are many high-quality coffee production areas in East and West Balam, and their reputation is only slightly worse than the plateau coffee in Feneport, the highland coffee in the southern continent and the Fermo coffee in the Pass Valley near the Star Plateau.
Before Daniz could say anything else, Anderson smiled and said:
“Actually, isn’t this great? I provide protection for free, and you act as my translator. Everyone can benefit.”
Thinking that he was still a Sequence 7 and was wanted by one force after another, Daniz somehow felt that Anderson’s words made sense.
He coughed lightly and said:
“But at some point, I’m going to let you back out.”
“If you say please, I have no problem.” Anderson said relaxedly.
Daniz immediately put on his cloak and walked towards the hotel door, ready to start today’s investigation.
On the way, he suddenly blurted out:
“Have you ever had the experience of dreaming that an angel comes and wraps yourself in layers of wings?
“No, it’s not just dreams. I also occasionally have the same hallucinations when I’m awake.”
Anderson glanced at the gloves Danitz was wearing, pondered for a few seconds, then said with a smile:
“Do you believe in some hidden existence?
“Or have been exposed to some ancient things”
Daniz’s expression froze, and he forced a smile and said:
“If it were as simple as you said, I would have already guessed the reason.”
/As he spoke, he passed by the three men who came in at the hotel door and walked out.
Anderson habitually looked at passers-by to confirm the environment, so he casually glanced at the three men and found that they were a master and two servants. The master was tall, with a brown complexion and soft facial features. He seemed to be a mixture of Balang people and Luen people. He was wearing The dress is also more Northern Continental style, with a silk top hat, a black formal suit and a gold-encrusted cane.
One of the two servants is a standard local who seems to be from a plantation. He helps the master carry a spare cane and leather suitcase. The other is also of mixed race, with a fleshy face, loose clothes, and a stabbing sword slung around his waist, as if he is also responsible for… Wearing a bodyguard.
Anderson looked away nonchalantly and followed Daniz to the street.
He pointed with interest to the coffins of different shapes that were carried by horses or people and said:
“Would you like to try this?
“It’s very interesting. Once you get used to it, you will feel that death is not a terrible thing. Maybe you can push the lid off and stand up again.”
Daniz glanced