, and also discovered the talented star Laudrup from Denmark, and won the La Liga championship four years later.

, and also discovered the talented star Laudrup from Denmark, and won the La Liga championship four years later.
But a year later, the lineup has not changed much, but the team’s record has plummeted.
This national derby with Barcelona is particularly important.
If they can win such a focused battle, their morale will be greatly improved, but otherwise, they will truly fall into the abyss.
The game is about to start, and the crowd at the scene has begun to move.
Neither Sun Hao nor Yoselin had experienced this before, but this kind of thing had always happened with large groups.
After the two of them played along for a while, their emotions were completely aroused.
After the warm-up, the national derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona officially started.
/Barcelona had the upper hand from the start.
Real Madrid’s offense and defense are all sloppy, and it makes sense that their results will be sluggish this season.
And soon, Real Madrid was scored by Barcelona and fell behind 0-1 at midfield.
The faces of the fans on the sidelines were full of anxiety.
If El Clasico cannot arouse the fighting spirit of this team, then Real Madrid’s season will really be over.
As the game entered the second half, the fans began to cheer for Real Madrid in unison, and Sun Hao and Yoselin also joined them.
There is an idiom called going with the flow. In an atmosphere with so many people, personal emotions simply cannot resist the general trend.
Sun Hao’s arm hurt again.
Yoselin didn’t know when she grabbed his hand again, and it was still in the same place.
Although this time it was out of excitement rather than fear.
But can we change the place
? The cheers of the fans finally worked, and the young “golden boy” Raul of Real Madrid stepped forward.
Amid cheers, he received a pass from his teammates and scored with a trademark high-angle shot, helping Real Madrid equalize the score!
This scene completely ignited the Bernabeu Stadium, and Raul’s name resounded over the stadium.
Yoselin grabbed Sun Hao’s arm with a little more strength.
And she stood up and pulled up.
This goal ignited the morale of the Real Madrid team, and they in turn suppressed the Barcelona team in the subsequent games.
Under the leadership of Raul, they began to attack Barcelona’s goal crazily.
Finally in stoppage time, Raul scored twice, and a world wave once again broke through Barcelona’s goal.
After the ball was scored, the scene was completely boiling.
Because there was not enough time, this goal could be said to secure the victory.
Including Sun Hao, everyone in the stadium started to stand and cheer.
Many people hugged those around them excitedly and then shouted to vent their emotions.
There was a group of lovers in front of Sun Hao, and they even started kissing passionately on the spot.
European countries are indeed open.
Just as Sun Hao was sighing, he was suddenly pulled hard.
Before he could react, he felt himself being grabbed by Yoselin and kissed hard.
After kissing him, Joseline c