me, welcomed Dong Zhen and welcomed her into the happy and indiscriminate family of “Wang Zi’an Entertainment Studio”.

me, welcomed Dong Zhen and welcomed her into the happy and indiscriminate family of “Wang Zi’an Entertainment Studio”.
During the banquet, facing four beauties with their own characteristics, Wang Bo was not drunk but everyone was drunk. He was so excited that he made jokes, talked and sang, and played the jokes and jokes he saw on the Internet for free in front of his eyes. Several beauties, big and small, spread the news, only making a few girls laugh so hard that they were out of breath.
After the meal, Fang You stayed with everyone until ten o’clock before driving away.
After Fang You left, the remaining people chatted in the living room for another hour. Considering that Wang Bo would have to travel a long way back to Shuangqing tomorrow morning, Cheng Wenjin suggested that the show stop for tonight and everyone should go to bed early.
Naturally, no one opposed this, except Wang Bo. Going to bed at 11 o’clock is really too early for him. However, the objection was ineffective, 3:1. After Cheng Wenjin, Li Junhua and Dong Zhen all returned to their rooms, the living room where he was the only one suddenly became empty and quiet. He didn’t like watching TV, so he had no choice but to go back to his room and go to bed.
Wang Bo was sleeping on his bed, tossing and turning without feeling sleepy. After struggling for a few minutes, I felt really uncomfortable, so I simply got up and knocked on Li Junhua and Dong Zhen’s door.
“Why are you here? What’s the matter? Do you want me to go out now to make room for you two?” The person who opened the door was Li Junhua, wearing thick pajamas, smiling half-smiling, and looking at him with a hint of warning.
Two voices inside and outside said at the same time. Wang Bo turned around and glanced guiltily in the direction of Cheng Wenjin, then glared at his cousin fiercely, pushed Li Junhua out of the way, closed the door immediately after entering, and climbed onto Li Junhua’s bed in twos and fives. Li Junhua and Ma Liting lived in the same dormitory. She slept on the upper bunk and Ma Liting slept on the lower bunk. Ma Liting has returned to her hometown these two days. He was here again tonight, so Dong Zhen could only sleep in Ma Liting’s bed for the time being.
/“Ahem, what are you doing on my bed? Did you get on the wrong bed? Shouldn’t you be sleeping underneath?” Li Junhua asked with a joking expression on his face when he saw Wang climb onto his bed.
“Sister! Please forgive me. I was wrong, okay?” Wang Bo clasped his hands together and prayed to his cousin, “I really can’t sleep, so I came here to brag about you two.” ”
Huahua!” Dong Zhen dragged her. He made a long voice and glared at Li Junhua with a blushing face.
/“Tsk, tsk, it’s really a married couple. I can’t offend you two, but I can afford to hide.” Li Junhua didn’t care about the anxious two people, and started to climb the stairs leading to the upper bunk with both hands.
When Wang Bo saw his sister climbing up, he hurriedly moved towards the corner to make room for his sist