It was none other than Sha Shuanghao’s. New girlfriend, Xia Xi!

It was none other than Sha Shuanghao’s. New girlfriend, Xia Xi!
“Boom” a daytime thunder exploded in Ren Wei’s head. He only felt that his hands and feet were cold, as if he had been thrown into an ice cellar.
At this time, Xia Xi was awakened by Ren Wei’s arms and legs, and opened her hazy sleepy eyes.
/Then, after she saw clearly who the person sleeping next to her was, a scream that shocked the world, made ghosts and gods cry, and pierced the silk fabrics suddenly resounded through the sky.
This scream threw Ren Wei’s last hope into the abyss. His whole body was shaking and shivering, and his head was filled with only the white, endless fear!
/The bedroom door was wide open. Xia Xi had gone out long ago and disappeared without a trace.
In the warm and cozy bedroom, Sha Shuanghao sat beside the bed with an expressionless face and dull eyes, staring motionlessly at the huge pool of blood in the center of the bed. The blood has dried and turned dark red, which looks extremely eye-catching and dazzling! With dull eyes, he repeated over and over again:
“Xi Xi is only seventeen years old! She is only seventeen years old. How could you do this? How could you do this?”
In front of Sha Shuanghao, there was a dog Ren Wei wearing a pair of underwear. At this time, Ren Wei was kneeling in front of Sha Shuanghao. His face was pale and his eyes were filled with tears. He slapped himself over and over again. Every time he slapped himself, he begged Sha Shuanghao:
“Brother Hao, I was wrong. Please forgive me and let me go. I was really wrong! As long as you let me go, I will promise you anything. Really, I will promise you anything! Please forgive me. Me!”
But Sha Shuanghao was completely indifferent to Ren Wei’s admission of fault and pleading, and just kept repeating the previous words:
“Xi Xi is only seventeen years old! She is only seventeen years old.”
More than half an hour passed like this.
“Ding ding ding ding”
Just at this moment, Sha Shuanghao’s cell phone rang. The ringtone made him wake up from his dazed state. He slowly took out his phone, opened the cover slowly, and answered the call slowly. After only listening to a few words, the phone in his hand dropped to the ground with a “clack”.
The landing of Sha Shuanghao’s cell phone made Ren Wei, who was slapping himself, feel his heart tighten. He had no time to hurt himself and asked tremblingly:
“Brother Haohao, what’s wrong?”
“Xi Xi’s best friend called. Just now, Xi Xi Xi took a bottle of sleeping pills and committed suicide!”
“Ah” Ren Wei was shaken, like five thunders striking his head, he sat down on the ground, the only blood on his face disappeared in an instant.
Sha Shuanghao stood up from the ground, turned around and left. Ren Wei, who was sitting on the ground, saw Sha Shuanghao’s actions and quickly stood up. Sha Shuanghao paused, turned around, and stared at Sha Shuanghao as if staring at a dead person.
“I want to go see Xixi,” Ren Wei said helplessly.
“If you want her to die again, just follow her!” Sha Shuangha