k and said, “I’ll go and see which floor Senior Sister Zheng’s room is on. It’s close to mine.” Not close, if not, you can visit me in the evening.”

k and said, “I’ll go and see which floor Senior Sister Zheng’s room is on. It’s close to mine.” Not close, if not, you can visit me in the evening.”
/Wang Bo just predicted his “death date”, but he didn’t expect that his death date would come faster than imagined.
Just when a few people had completed the check-in procedures and were about to return to their rooms, a group of warblers and swallows, mixed with two green leaves, swarmed out of the elevator entrance. The group of people first prepared to walk towards the door. As soon as they reached the center of the lobby, they were stunned. The next moment, they screamed “Wow!” and swarmed towards him like a swarm of bees.
“Xiaoya, Jiahui, Bitch, Lingzi, Siqi, Weiwei, didn’t you say you were still visiting Chunxi Road? Why did you go back to the hotel?” Facing a group of familiar classmates, there were several girlfriends As a confidante, Wang Bo was so surprised that he couldn’t even speak clearly.
“Haha, boss, are you surprised? Where can you go shopping on Chunxi Road? I’m sorry! We’ve been waiting for you in the dormitory all afternoon to give you a surprise. Surprise! , Boss?” Tang Jian laughed loudly, walked up and gave Wang Bo a bear hug.
“Brother Jian, do you have the nerve to say that? We agreed to meet Brother Bo at the door of the hotel, and you are the one who said don’t panic. Let’s play two more games. Is this okay? Brother Bo’s check-in procedures have been completed. Come on!” Han Lin, a loud voice, said in a loud voice, full of resentment towards Tang Jian, and was about to ask Wang Bo if the journey was smooth, when she was suddenly startled. Her expression froze for a moment, then she smiled and shouted to Sun Li:
“Hi, Sun Li, you live here too? When did you come here?”
When Han Lin shouted, everyone noticed the station. Sun Li, who was wearing a peaked cap next to Zheng Yan, was like Han Lin. She was stunned for a moment, and then greeted the other person as if she had reacted, but her eyes were vaguely lingering between Sun Li, Liangya and Wang Bo.
Sun Li didn’t expect to meet a large number of classmates in her class here. She didn’t expect that they would come today and live here, and Wang Bo didn’t tell her. She deliberately chose to book a room at the Ritz-Carlton because the rooms here were so expensive. Even if her classmates planned to come to support Wang Bo, they would probably stay in a guest house or a small hotel, so that everyone could stay away from each other.
Although she suddenly faced a large group of people in the class, she was not very panicked. It was not until she saw Liang Ya in the crowd that she became somewhat panicked. She said in a calm voice:
“Yeah, I’m going to fight.” I called Wang Bo and he said he was at the Ritz-Carlton, so I came over.” ”
Haha, is that so? But you should call me or someone else to ask, the boss is in our class. Boss, who doesn’t want to eat alone? Look, even the boss’s girlfriend Xiaoya is with us!” Han Lin smiled “haha” and was joking, but everyone could tell there was some